Fear is the source of your problems, not the ego. There are but two emotions,
they are love and fear, or put more simply, there are good feelings and there
are feelings that make you feel bad.

This was excerpted from the innerself.com article:
The Great Experiment of Life
By John Payne
To Read more of this excerpt go to

What does that have to do with polymer clay you may ask?
Well if we are afraid of
Being an artist…..
Then we will never design the next new polymer clay item. If we don’t design it we will never create it or finish it, and certainly we will never get criticism ((or praise)) from friends, family members, or the buying public.

For me the fear is of calling myself an Artist. That is something that is very hard for me to do at this time. Why? Well I just don’t know. I guess it has been my idea that a true artist will not be able to function if they do not create art. It is in their blood and is something that they do from a very young age almost daily. I found jewelry making by accident at the very young age of 39. I went to a home party and said to myself ”Heck I can do that”. So I started by getting the misc. findings and beads and started stringing.
Then I found polymer clay and I have not stopped and I can not put the stuff down. I am always amazed at the wonderful things that can be done with clay. I enjoy working with clay and on my to do list is to make a sign and place it front and center over my worktable that says simply

So what fear is standing in YOUR way??

More important what are YOU going to do to CHANGE it?

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