No this blog is not going to be all f words (might be an interesting challenge though). This week I could really use some focus. I am not talking about finishing an order focus, we ARTISTS know how to do that one. Ha I said it did you notice?
Last week after posting on Friday I went home with a terrible cold and crawled in bed and stayed there until Monday night. It was one of those colds where you literally eat nothing and really don’t even want to drink but know in your heart that you must stay hydrated. So no food from Friday until Monday and I went through 2 boxes of Kleenexes got the picture?
Back to work on Tuesday I was a body at a desk useless but here it is Friday and I am still not 100%. On top of all that since I do not have a maid, and my husband is out of the country for a month and a half, all the household things I would have done this last week have piled up. I kind of feel like a person again and would love to sit at the clay table but how can I with all the house stuff to do?

When life happens as it does with a holiday, illness, company visiting, insert your excuse here, how do you get back in focus?
1. Get rid of all the distractions. If you are thinking of the laundry that is piled up, house that needs cleaning etc. you are not able to focus on your art. First remove the distractions or things you know you need to do and then you can concentrate on creating. I am not saying do ALL the laundry before you create, start by sorting it into loads.
2. Get back into your daily routine. Now your daily routine and mine may be different but do what you can to get back to normal and then you will feel like your old self and not be distracted with all you need to do to catch up.
3. Take time for you. Even if it is 10 minutes just relax, take a breath, and once back to creating or cleaning you will find a new energy that hopefully will be very positive.
4. Get plenty of rest. If you are tired, stressed, and behind in your work of course your sleep will be affected and your art as well.
5. Perform a quick 15 minute organization of your workspace. You would be amazed at what a quick touch up to your workspace can do for your creative energy. First you can find the stuff you need to work with since you put it where it belongs and you’re sitting at a clean space which always promotes creativity!
Finally ENJOY!

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