David Christianson Inspiration

This week I thought I would teach you something as someone requested. Thanks Tirza for the nudge.

Here are glass pendants by David Christianson.


That inspired me to try them with this new…………. to me anyway technique of using 2 part epoxy resin with clay. Of course I couldn’t find the inspiration pieces when making the clay ones.

I am not going to tell you how to build the base use your imagination and do a search of polymer clay pendants you will find something. The thing to remember when picking a pendant is that you will be wrapping the pendant to make an area that the epoxy can be layered and will stay in not run over the sides.

Here is an example of my bases before any layering. Notice the height of the sides?


Follow the directions for the 2 part resin you are using. The brand I used was EnviroTex Lite Pour on High Gloss Finish. I bought mine at the local craft store and with the 50% coupon it cost $8.00. The directions for mine were to mix exactly the same amount of resin and hardener, and pour on the item to be covered.


I found that if I used 2 disposable drinking cups, and a bbq skewer to mix it eliminated major clean up headaches. I poured exactly the same amount of resin in one cup and in the other cup the hardener. When pouring you will always have one cup that has more than the other one use that cup and pour it into the first cup. Mix thoroughly. I mean really mix it ideally you want to see a lot of bubbles in the mix the more the better. (( Sorry I was not taking a pic of the bubbles)).

Pour it on your pieces covering any clay you may have. You see all those bubbles??? The way to get rid of them is to breathe or blow on the epoxy. Something in the resin makes it have a chemical reaction in about 5 minutes and the bubbles form and pop. It really is amazing to watch they just keep popping and popping even at the point when you cannot see any bubbles they still keep going to the surface and popping.


You need to let the first layer rest for at least 8 hours I let mine rest 24 just because I wanted to make sure that I would not damage the first layer when adding to it. I placed the next layer of black and white clays that had already been baked for 30 min at 275*. I mixed more epoxy and then poured the second layer again blowing to release the bubbles.




Lets see where your creativity can take this idea. These are just my samples to see if it can be done.

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