This week I do not want to talk about clay ……just show you a picture of a cane.


This week for me is about family and how important it is in each and every one of our lives. My husband has been out of the country for almost 2 months now and I really miss him. I am excited because today he told me he will be home next Sat. He went to be with family for a much needed visit and he was visiting his sister when she had a mild stroke. He was able to be with her to give her love a nd support which honestly the best gift he could have ever given her. Family is so important I want you all to remember that. Love them because in an instant it could be gone.
Children bring a special twist to the whole family. My son now is at an age where he just wants me to give him money and drop him off /pick up from someplace. I miss the days when we could just sit and hug each other on the couch now I am lucky to get him to sit in the same room and watch tv. He would much rather sit in his room alone even if we are watching the same program. Every age has its stage is a quote that stuck in my mind and boy is it true.
So for me the next week is all about family I will be anxiously awaiting my husband’s safe return and trying to finish up a couple of projects . I really miss him snoring in the bed, leaving his socks everywhere, getting in the kitchen and directing me in my cooking, I really miss him.
Love your family!
Call or visit your mom, sister, brother, or best friend. Who knows they may inspire your art!

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