Fuller Update


Okay so wordpress decided to go to no support while I am having a super big brain fart and have  locked myself out of my blog! Back in now YEA!

If you read the post last time then you know I went to the Fuller Craft Museum. What I didn’t tell you is that I took my 13-year-old son who was grounded with me. He of course asked are we there yet? many, many times while on the way even though he could see the destination information on the GPS. Once there he enjoyed it tremendously ok maybe not that much but he had a good time.

He was inspired by the many different exhibits and his favorite item was the Dubble Bubble shoes from the shoe exhibit. He took a pic and saved it as a screen saver. Who would have thought to make shoes out of gum?

On the way home his comment was;”Mom that was not as bad as I thought it was going to be”.

Well if that is the only way he can say that he had a good time then I will take it and run with it.

We decided that since it was such a nice day that we would reserve the first weekend of the month for a museum visit so look forward to a monthly museum post if we are able to commit to this once he is off of grounding lol. He chooses next so I have no idea where he will take me but I will gladly follow his lead.

For me I was really looking to be inspired and honestly I was. I have so much respect for all the work that the talented artists do each and every day the commitment that they have even when some of the ones closest to them are thinking to themselves when is this person going to get a real job it blows my mind. My mind is also racing with ideas and new directions to take my art I just do not know where to begin. I can only hope that this new inspiration is something I can hold on to and produce what is in my mind and sketchbook with polymer clay.

Whatever it is that inspires you please take the time to do it. You deserve to do this for yourself and your art will improve because you took the time.

One of the reasons I went to the Museum is because I had planned to sign up for a class with Kathleen Dustin. I was not able to do that but when I got home and logged on to Facebook that night Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg had also announced a class that was only 20 minutes waay from my home. So my muse has indeed been goosed and I am going to her class this weekend. I am so excited this will be my first polymer class and I really think it will help me a great deal  with my claying. Hopefully it will point me in a direction that will be a positive one.

There are many other things going on behind the scenes and I will update asap but next week look for some Halloween inspiration…and one that is so real and freaky…….. here is a teaser link with some eye candy enjoy!




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