Ok so It is October and time for Haloween so I thought I would spend a little time focusing on how clay can be used to create scarey jewelry, or objects that could be used in your Haunted House. Have fun and dont be scared be amazed and inspired.


Perfect for Haloween spooky houses! 

This link is for an artist who creates items that are just plain freaky.


What I think is nice is the fact that at one point in his life he said I am just going to go for it and create what is inside of my mind!

This link has all kinds of haloween links to projects that can be created and was the previous teaser.


 Need an eyeball pin? One that will have people just going WHAT IS THAT YOU ARE WEARING?


 The only thing I didnt find was many pictures showing the glow in the dark clay glowing.


 She does ghoulies!


  They are all so different and a little spooky


This guy loves haloween props and is a very talented artist.


If any of this has inspired you then check this out and get creating!http://mlti.worth1000.com/contests/23938/r-halloween-clay-2 

Next week I will go back to updating on the class and what was gained from it.


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