Swap Mistress

This week I am really thinking about the new swap duties acquired by me at City O Clay. I am thinking about it so much I had a dream about it (((okay so this was really a week and a half ago but I totally changed my page last week)).
In my dream I missed many of the people who signed up for the swap and some were very upset and left the group because of the fact I missed them. So after a lot of begging on my part most came back to the group and we were able to set up the different groups for the swap.

Then when the mailman was delivering my mail that had all the swap items which had been mailed to me by the swappers, it crashed. Okay so don’t ask me how in the heck ALL the swap items were in the same truck it was a dream okay?

So when the vehicle crashed it rolled over in the middle of the street and all the swap boxes were in the street. They had come out of the boxes and there were beads all over the street. It is a bead swap this time and so that is why there were beads everywhere. Again don’t ask me how they came out of the boxes when the mail truck rolled over in the middle of the street it is a dream.

The swap was cancelled and the beads were never recovered. They had been so badly damaged by cars rolling over them while they were in the street. The same people who I had begged to come back and join the swap quit the list again along with a lot of other people who were very upset and just could not understand how ALL the beads had been lost. They too could not figure out how beads being mailed in from all over the world at different times could all end up on the same truck. I KNOW I thought the same thing too.

First swap not due till January, but that dream gave me an idea that hopefully can be implemented with future swaps.

So what is in it for me? I am not really a selfish person but at my 40+ hour a week job that is one thing I always joke about “it’s all about me and how it affects me”.

I will tell you. I am so proud of my swappers I can not even put just how proud I am into words. They are having ideas running through their heads. They are sketching out on paper what they want to make out of clay for the swap. Questions are rolling in because they want to try a new technique that they have seen in a book or online.

In a nutshell I am like a proud parent. These are people I have never met and chances are I never will but I am so stinking proud of them all. I feel so proud of them and of myself because I am helping them realize the creativity that they have living inside of them.

I so want these swaps to be successful!

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