Back To Basics

So I took my son snowboarding yesterday and since I do not ski or snowboard I decided to take some of the books and print-outs I have on hand to get organized and hopefully inspired.

What a rude awakening I got.


I learned that I do not think I am doing some of the basics right! We are talking clay 101 here people!

I mean I know that there were times that I made the same silly mistakes a couple of times then remembered to jot it down in my tips binder but man o man.

Was I ALWAYS looking in the binder? NO!

There are a lot of the foundations in clay that unfortunately I am not following every time. No wonder my stuff is not as good as I know in my heart it can be. I am not following some of the basic steps. You know the baby ones that you take before you run with a technique and make it your own.

I now have another binder but I plan on looking at it every time I start on or am working on a project. Every time I sit down to work I will look at that book for my baby steps. It is divided into a lot of sections that are very specific so I do not waste time trying to find what I am looking for. I also will add as I remember or encounter new clay facts to the appropriate place in the binder.

If I do not do this then I will never have the simple important professional ways implanted in my brain.

On a positive note I am really doing a lot of great things with clay and I know I am very talented. My work will only improve with this wonderful new addition to my claying repertoire.

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