Are You a Quitter?

We all have a drawer full of them. Or we have thrown them away in disgust.

I am just going to put some of mine out there for all to see. Those projects that just did not work out right for whatever reason.

Is that what is going to make you quit? Or is it going to make you do it right finally?

I am still reading the book Art & Fear and one of the earlier chapters focused on why we quit. Think about it why do you quit be it art, work, or something else in life.

You only quit once at anything. What makes you get to that moment? More often than not it comes from fear. Is my art good enough? Am I doing my best and being rewarded at my job? Do I give up?

I believe everything in life happens for a reason and sometimes the smallest interaction with someone can be life changing. That happened for me this week and god willing I will have an object to look at sometime in June to remember this moment forever. If it happens I plan on doing a whole both sides of art post.  (from earlier post).

A lady came into the bank and I was with a customer. While with my customer I asked her to sit around the corner and I or someone else would be with her shortly. I finished with my customer and almost forgot she was waiting…….what if I would have and someone else took care of her that day?

I went over to her and escorted her to my desk and we began taking care of what she had come into the bank for. I found out she had never been into our branch she usually went to another in the area. I do not know what physically was wrong with her but her fingers were very crooked and she walked with a cane, during the time we had together I learned she had a hernia and that she was on disability.

She commented on my jewelry, it ws the spinning TD ring and told me that her sisters made jewelry as well. She also said her mother had been a established painter and admitted she had painted but had not touched the brushes in a long time.

Me being me asked her “did you quit yet’? I mean come on guys I am reading the book what am I supposto say.

She was shocked to have some cooky lady in the bank ask her if she had quit yet? She was even more shocked when I yanked the book Art & Fear out of my purse and told her she needed to read it. I even showed her I checked it out from the library and she could too. The book led to some wonderful sharing between the two of us. She admitted that she had not picked up the brushes in a long time because she did not think her art was good enough. However in the same breath she remarked that a few of her friends had taken her art and displayed it in their homes . One had it professionally matted and framed. Which clearly states that her friends think her art is good enough she just needs to believe it now.

By the end of our banking transaction we had come to a decision. She was to go  home and pick up her brushes because she loves painting. If she has paintings she will give them to friends or family as gifts. We would do a swap together. She will paint me flowers on a vase, ans I will make her a flower kind of flower swap. IS THAT WHY I LEARNED HOW TO MAKE FLOWERS???

I will call her the first week of June to see where she is in her progress and when we can swap. I think I will call in the beginning of May just to make sure she is motivated!

While we were in the lobby testing her atm card one of the older ladies who is a regular stopped to tell me that she was spending her sons inheritance. At first neither I or my swapper could figure out what she was talking about. Turns out the older lady loved to listen to music and had not listened to music since her husband died last year. She did not know why but she just stopped listening to music. Her loving son had gone out and bought her a cd player and a couple of cd’s so she could listen to music. Of course her collection ws on tapes and she had no cd’s but the one he had given to her. She ws out getting money to buy more cd’s.

She told us the first time she listened to a cd on her new player. She said she did not know why but she was scared to play it, and when she did she could not stop crying. She was afraid but it made her feel so good inside when she listened to it.

Both of the ladies in the atm lobby seemed so happy when they were leaving the bank. I told one to keep spending her sons inheritance he would want her to listen to music everyday, and the other to go home and pick up the brushes and be prepared for my phone call early June for the swap.

Neither of these ladies ever quit life just got in the way. Why do we let life get in the way of something we love that brings us so much happiness? Why would we ever deprive ourselves of happiness?

Don’t quit! If your taking a break, time to get up and get moving NOW!

For more of the things that just did not quite work and some that did please visit my play Flickr site. This is my favorite bad photo which of course got tossed.

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3 Responses to “Are You a Quitter?”

  1. Thank You Tory Hughes! « Bluedamselflyjewelry's Blog Says:

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  2. Molly Says:

    I needed to read this today – thanks for sharing your story and the beautiful artwork that accompanies it. I love how you are still yourself even at work – it’s so easy to compartmentalize ourselves – and cheat ourselves and the world out of our gifts.

    • bluedamselflyjewelry Says:

      And that is exactly what that was a gift which I was blessesd to see for just that. I soooo want to call and fins out the progress but am waiting a little longer!

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