Project 365


I got a new phone and one of the apps available for it is project 365 the one I have is free you can buy one for .99. 

How to take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way. 

So of course I had to download it and try it out. Took a few days to remember I had downloaded it. 

Then the first picture I was going to take was of course when I dropped the phone and accidently took a picture. I figured it was a great first picture I mean it could only get better right? 





Next day I forgot to take it till I was at home and fought with hubby to take one of him. 

Next day was March 16th. Which was when I realized I had started with the wrong date so I did not have to use hubby’s picture which would make him happy. 


Since we have had record flooding in the area while working at the drive up I thought a great picture would be to take one of the big puddle in the field. On the way home from work I decided to go to one of the dams close by our house. I had to go pick my son up from the gym and started driving to our destination. You can see that picture in the header of this post. Problem is after driving to the dam and taking pictures with both the camera (son) and my phone (me) I had not saved the pictures to my phone so the only picture I had was the blurry one on the phone. Not even going to try to get that to the phone so I will use the puddle field pic for today. 

One of the games I play that he loves to try not to play but always gives in with a guess or two or ten depending on his mood, is to start driving and have him guess where we are going. 

I told him he would never get it in a million years and after a mile or two of arguing the guesses started. Since he was playing I gave him hints and he guessed and guessed until we were there and even when we were he did not understand where we were going. 

While looking at the dam together tonight and having an almost conversation with him I realized I was really going to like this project 365 thing. I could not help comparing the water flowing over the dam like my art just flowing and flowing out of control. But that is another post for another day! 


Thursday was hubbies new toy for a couple of months. 


Friday’s pic of the day a damsel in distress. She locked her keys in the car and thankfully some guys helped us because the plastic coat hanger I had was not going to help. 

Are their going to be days I am going to forget? Of course  and those days I will focus on staging photos for jewelry designs SCORE for ideas and an a+ in the learning department. The rest of the days will be spent photographing my surroundings and my family. 

I am sure there will be a couple of days that neither one of my housemates will want a picture taken of them and they will put their hands in their faces. I will either leave it there or take something else. I do think that they will bring it up as the weeks and months pass. Both of them individually suggested a picture of the day to me this week but I liked my picture that day better. I HAD to have green on ST Patty’s day and could not replace hubby’s new toy :). 

Since I love pictures so much I really am going to like the idea of being able to open a page and see 30 days in my life at a glance, with the capability of scrolling through the months. I mean anyone can do it these days with the mobility of the camera phone. You always have your phone with you every day but you do not always have your camera with you! 

I urge you to try it and see where it takes you with your art! 



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