I Got Nothing This Week!

Blog post this week is late my excuse “family” and I am sticking to it. Reality I got nothing!

Hubby’s cousin from Vermont and family came to visit this weekend. I don’t see them often enough and they are really wonderful people si it was a great weekend.

I got to go to Chuck E Cheese. What is funny is the last time I went there was with Ru Ru for her first time there she was so excited each time we went. We had a blast playing games.

What is even funnier is when I told my 14-year-old where we went he said and I quote

“Oh Chuck E Cheese I hate that place it is so hot, noisy, crowded it is terrible. Aggh I hate that place!”

I told him  to remember every holiday we spent there for him and he should remember us fondly when he is doing the same for his kids! God willing.

Ru Ru had fun making a necklace that she thinks she lost (dang cheap magnetic clasps) and a bracelet for her mother. It was nice to be chatting in the living room and hear the beads hit the wood floor every now and then. Still picking up blue swarskies off the floor lol.

One of the good points of the weekend is I found out my new studio is going to be here.

One day when we get the supplies from the dollar store, restaurant supply, the pictures stacked from floor to ceiling (get the idea now) out of the room this will be my studio.

Now that is a good thing because right now my work table is clean, and calling my name. Of course that will be after the laundry, cleaning etc.

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