What to do with all the images?

One of my goals for this year has been to be more organized with the business end of my clay travels. In doing  so I realized the importance of getting good images of your work first and then more importantly you got to know where in the heck they are!

So I set off to my local electronics store with one thing in mind.

Dont ask me why but I thought that was the answer to my issue so I got one and set off to organize my photos I mean I did not think I had THAT MANY! I started with the photo folders I had on the drive. There were only 4 folders and one of them was empty. Hmm where were all my photos? So I started digging and found these.

 What the heck is on these I mean only 3 of them have jewelry written on them so I will start with these. Why did I go to the bleeping store thinking I needed cd’s? Ok I think I should check the blank ones first.

First one says Baby shower TX on the pictures of the blank cd. After a few clicks it is the baby shower and Ruthie is #129 she is my best friend in Tx. I miss Ruthie…..Next! 5 Baby showers, guess I was going to make copies and send to everyone, and 2 blank cd’s later I really did need to get cd’s so that is positive.

Now I have 2 Jewelry and a B&W. I like the B&W so I will check that first. OMG 467 photos thats not all B&W. Here is #21

That’s not the B&W project that is Fouad at the First football game we went to. Now this is the B&W and if I do say so myself that is a good photo.

Hands not too wrinkly looking and the angle is a good one. So the B&W must be on this one after viewing a few pics. Next!

Jewelry practice that should bring back some memories.

I remember that one! I build that box so I could take good pics ROFLOL! I did not follow direcitons correctly that is why you see the box in the background. And my attempts to cover them up.

These really are practice I will go to the next one that is just titled Jewelry. I bet I will have some luck there.

These are still practice but at least I updated to a cloth back that was not an unwrinkled sheet.

So I guess I need to start moving what photos I do have to cd’s mark them and keep it up. I started this whole mess because a friend recently had her comuter crash and she lost a lot of photos and documents and I did not want to be in the same boat.

Where are your treasured photos of your creations? Are they safe? Have you baked them up? If not be prepared to smile a lot at the random images you find, and if you complete your task be prepared to find some wonderful shots of your creations.

Some of the found photos can be found on my flickr site.



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