Vacation Project 365

Vacation is over and I am back to work. It was a wonderful trip and I am sharing it with you if you want to learn a little bit about my trip and me in the process ;). If you do not know it yet my favorite app is project  365 Take a picture a day and see your life in a whole new way. Here are my pictures of the day with commentary that may or may not be long.

July 11

Yabba he is the first and last picture of the day in Lebanon. I really like him not because he is my Father in Law but he is kind soul who loves wrestling and believes its true (roflol). I was so glad I was there the same day, same time two weeks in a row not sure how that one happened since I did not know what day it was most of the time much less the time of the day since I was on vacation. I got to see the prelude to the 6 on 1, and then the actual event a week later. Saleem was there for the second week and except for his usual ticking he was watching the wrestling match with us. I miss Yabba.


July 12

It was a goooood one too.

July 13

This is Fadi Orsan’s  brother trying to do push ups. Of course there is a rather heated discussion of exactly how to do a push up correctly and some great instruction from another one of the brothers Abou Tarek.
 His muscles were hurting for days after this attempt where he lost the bet and did not pay up.When I picture Fadi I see him with the remote control in his hand and watching for the Euro / Dollar amount to pop up or saying “Mesh Tiebie” or this is not any good. Everything was not good………….


July 14

July 15

What a cute housewife she will make some day. She was always cleaning when mom did the floors often I had to fight her for the thing. One day I really watched as she worked and noticed she cleaned under the chairs I was impressed! I have one picture of her laying down on a pillow that I wish had been a picture of the day….just didnt make it lol.

July 16

Only in Lebanon can you have all fast foods delivered. Mikkey D’s, Kentucky Fried, Pizza Hut, Aragilie you name it. Fouad and I wanted to order something one night from a very high floor in a building while the power was out.
This picture did come in handy one night when we wanted Ice Cream the biddi bozza (I want Ice Cream) saying had a special meaning with us this trip. I had the number to call on the phone roflol. Hubby had taken his shower and was not taking the risk of no power to go out and get them. He just did not want to sweat! So we had McFluries delivered one night. I did not get the picture of the guy delivering it because they didn’t want to ask him and I was in the shower when it was delivered. If I would have been there I would have asked and I bet he would have smiled too! It was a very good McFlury BTW!  Fadi when ordering said he didn’t want a Mc Flury because it would not be any good. Ahhh that was a funny funny night.

July 17

Fouad ugh what can I say. This was a wonderful night that ended up with one of our table singing an Em Kaltoum song for the restaurant. The hired singer literally had a seat at our table and had a sip or two of whiskey while the guy sang! This was really a fun night hot but fun.

July 18

This is the result of one of our first hotel experiences in Lebanon. Reservations were made heck Orsan even went to the hotel to see one of the rooms the day before we checked in. We got to the hotel at 4:30 in the morning from the restaurant we had been to. They gave us different rooms than were shown and we were so tired we didn’t want to change rooms. We did find reservations at a better hotel the next night. The tv was sitting next to a plug-in that had one hole and two things that needed to be plugged in for the tv to work. Leave it to Saleem and Fouad to figure out that if you put the tv in the center of the room and had a plug reaching to outlets on different sides of the room, you could get the tv to work! I heard them laughing rather loudly from the adjoining room but was too tired to check what was so funny till later in the day when I had slept a few hours.

July 19

Marouk is the best breakfast ever but you got to eat it fresh. We had it on the 18th but it was not fresh so this is the second go around. The black domish part is hot and what the bread cooks on. You can have just bread or they can put cheese or zatar on it. If you ever get the chance to have this fresh do it! I was happy the guy smiled for the picture. I mean it was very hot and we needed a lot of marouk since we were a hungry bunch.

July 20

This was one of our 4 day stay at my favorite hotel in Lebanon. Le Toul De Loop shameless plug here:

This place is the best place ever and as long as we can afford to do it I would like to stay at least one night when I visit Lebanon. You’re in the freeken clouds it is amazing!

July 21

This is a bag of potatoes that Abrahim brought to one of the campfires to roast. They were really good  he brought butter and utensils too but did forget the sour cream and salt. They had salt but no sour cream in the hotel.  I just like the heck out of him. He is always coming out with bags of stuff. I would try to see him coming and get a heads up on what the guy had in stock but with him you just never know. I don’t know if I was able to get a picture of it or not but one morning he had someone bring a tray of kanafe he is so cool. You will see another of his bags later as another picture of the day. I call him abou choudra (or the father of the vegetables) and one of my fondest pictures of him is laying on the grass with his overalls on and a stalk of something sticking out of his mouth. I miss him and his family a lot and hope to see them next summer while visiting.

July 22

This is the freeken elevator at my father in law’s place. Since people smoke everywhere in Lebanon (even in the airport) it is not that strange to see one there. I just had to have this as a picture of the day since I doubt I will ever see another elevator that I can smoke in anytime soon.

July 23

 A lot of the times the next days food discussion would be very important. The egg discussion started late the night before with the guys deciding to go for bayd baladyee or really freeken fresh eggs. They came back with 2.5 to 3 dozen at a very good price and started cracking. Most of them had a really bad smell or stuff in it. I did not stick my nose to see exactly what the smell was or what was in them I listened to their comedy from afar. Hubby had the bright idea of holding them up to the light in the kitchen before cracking to see if he could see anything. They ended up talking bad about the guy and his lack of fresh eggs, and cooking the ones that were already in the fridge from the local grocery store.

July 24

This is another one of his bags. These are fresh almonds (pretty sure that is the nut) and were well received by us while sitting as a group one evening. Again I must stress there were a lot of us that night. When we left there were just a few left in the bag. You eat them by cracking off the green stuff and getting the nut out, then you can dip it in salt. Again I do not eat these I tried them a couple of times but for me I will wait till they are roasted.

July 25

This is hubby who was very tired in the afternoon. If you can believe it he was asleep in this pose and snoring very loudly.

July 26

The heat and electricity are a serious issue in this country for some. You may or may not have electricity, or a motor (generator) and the summertime can be very hot and humid. While checking on hubby tonight after work one of the questions was first is there power and if not is the motor working. He says it is still hot.  This is Fadia’s attempt at cooling us down while we were visiting to welcome her husband home. The only problem is some of the people in the room do not want the fan blowing right on them so it was someone’s idea to point it at the ceiling. Of course that did not last long with me and soon I had both fans pointing in my direction. Heck if they did not want them I was more than happy to oblige and have them blowing on me. Again all I can say was it was freeken hot!

July 27

This is hubby with one of our close friends daughter. We had a great time when we went to visit them in Betroun. It is funny how we ended up staying at their house…..we had reservations at a Chalet which was supposto be big enough for all of us we were 7 that night. It was a big deal at the reservation desk and the customer services were lacking bad that night. The girls ended up with Marcel and the guys stayed with Toni. They were so nice and hospitable it was like home but without MY pillow!

July 28

 I was finally able to go and visit Jieta. Jieta is a wonderful cave that is north of Beirut. I had a great time there and if it wins in the bid to become of the great wonders of the world then I will probably never see it again because hubby will not have the patience to stand in the lines. There were two areas of caves and this is the lower area where you rode in a boat. All in all a wonderful day.

July 29

This photo is being taken in the parking lot of a gas station around midnight while hubby is putting air in the tire of the car. This photo has been over a year in the making and it is the logo for the new car rental in Beirut. The name was not the first choice or even on the list just another of the many obstacles that have come in the past year and at every turn it seemed like it may never happen. God willing there will be peace in the Middle East and the business will flourish. Within four days of opening all the cars were rented which is a good sign.

July 30

My father in law and son Fouad. May god continue to bless them both and bring us together next summer. My only regret this trip is that he did not go with us the many places we went and that he walked home in the heat the last day we were there. I know he is older and set in his ways but I really would like him to go with us more places next year I feel like I didn’t even see him much.

July 31

This was the view from the dashboard on the way home from the airport. The car is having problems and they started with me. Still not sure exactly what is wrong but hubby is driving it and has AAA.

Aug 1

This is my son who wants to be a sacker for his first job. He wanted practice and thought the self checkout was the way to go. Honestly if you see him ringing your groceries at the checkout watch him. He almost ran the splenda twice……and I am talking the big box. Arse!

So those are my pictures of the day. I just love this app I guess it is me being creative in the only way I have time to now. My claytable is screaming at me because I have not sat down at her in over a month. Okay I get it that three of those weeks I was on vacation but still I miss my work table. Not sure when updates will be able to happen for the next month I can see now life is going to get in the way but you can look forward to weekly posting resuming in October for sure.

Take care and be creative in whatever way you can with the time you have!

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