Time Off

I had a wonderful time in Dallas with Family and Friends the only drawbacks were the heat and the fact that the Cowboys lost!

One day this week I was not feeling well and spent most of that day on the couch. I was fortunate to find a series on PBS and I think the name was artists in America. If that is not the name I am sorry but that is what I remember…..I told you I was not feeling well!

I was only able to watch for two hours but I learned so much hearing from artists of other mediums. Here is some of what I learned.

Have fun! If you are not having fun than what is the point of you creating?

You are an artist all the time. It is not a 9-5 job. You will be inspired, and dream about your next creation. You may also have a few nightmears but again it is not on a 9-5 schedule.

There are so many reasons not to do it (create). You just have to decide to keep going or to quit.

Every hour in the studio gives you the energy to make it to the next hour…..and the next creation. You become energized just by sitting at the table and creating with your medium.

A finished piece often turns out totally different than your initial fuzzy vision.

A finished piece takes a long time but as an artist you don’t get tired you get energized by your work.

 I think I knew all of these points but just needed nudged a little to remember them what I really need is  more hours in the day, to win the lottery, or something that will allow me to get to that point in my craft. The one thing I can say about me and my art is that I am doing what I wanted to this year which is Get My Name and Work out there. I am coninuing to host the swaps at City O Clay (holiday one due Dec 1st), and even though I do not have the time when I sit down the ideas just flow out so much I find it hard to focus and not get sidetracked by design.

What a wonderful series. I am kind of looking forward to another sick day or retirement in the hopes that this series is on again!

I was able to finish a commision piece that is something I would not ever have made in my art travels alone. It was a foot long hot dog for someone that you guessed it Has a Hot Dog Stand! This picture is before smoothing and finishing the ends of the dog.The customer upon delivery said he was going straight to his guy, you know we all have a guy, and have him make a plexi glass display.

The fact that he was having a case made it a very good day for me art wise :). The other thing that made it a good day is the next three weeks life is letting me play with clay, and I in two minutes literally put 8 things on my new to do list. Look forward to that one happening.

Whats on your claytable?

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