The Digital Age Or Summer Beach Swap Gone Bad

Many of you may know I host the swaps at City O Clay. They are really fun and I am sooo close to a well oiled machine with them, which means they run smoothly with practice.

This time for some reason there were problems on my end from the very begining. I don’t remember what they were exactly in the begining but at the end it was no priority boxes, printer issues, and no freeken images of the swap items!

Okay the boxes I will admit that was a rookie mistake. Printer problems, everyone has technical difficulties, but no pictures What the Heck? I had to remove the images from the card and so I burned a disk, MADE SURE I COULD ACCESS SAID DISK, and then took pictures of the swap. It was an camera I was so happy as it had taken me a while to even attempt to remove the images. I looked at them too, not on the computer but the card and then when I went to access the images, the folder was empty.

Still not sure how it happend but it did and the next swap is open so I have moved on. I have hopes I will to not make rookie mistakes, deal with technical issues in stride, and get images next time and make sure they are saved before mailing.

Next swap due date is Dec 1 and it is a holiday ornament swap that I already have my inspiration decided on.  I am off to the clay table. What are you doing?

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