I Don’t Wanna Change

Recently at work we did an exercise where we teamed up with a coworker, looked at each other for 1minute, then turned our backs to each other and changed three things about the way we look, we then turned around and the partner was to find the three things. Part of the exercise was to keep all changes until the exercise was over. The way they drew it out was to ask us several times to keep changing things, and guessing. Many unchanged the changes before the exercise was over.

What was it to symbolize? We do not like change and fight it usually in very creative ways. Change is not always good but we must do it. I have been contemplating changing my clay for a month now. I think it is a given that I must do it but I am fighting the change by not buying the clay I need on-line.

The disk I have for my camera has been corrupted somehow and I have been fighting the change. I mean this is the camera I have shot both magazine articles and so many Flickr shots with. I know this baby well. I have it down to just set micro, timer, and no flash she never lets me down. Until now. Hubby being the wonderful guy he is says (in his wonderful middle eastern accent) Julie why you messing with that camera? Where in the heck did you get that? Use that one the new one but don’t break it.

It is an inside joke since I am the one that breaks most of the cameras. See the rubber band? That is what is holding the batteries in so I guess it is time to ditch the camera but I just don’t have the heart to do it. I mean it still works. But I did take a shot with the new one and it sure takes pics okay now I just have to figure out what all the buttons do.

Another thing I have been doing is playing with clay and epoxy. Change right? I have worked with it a few times but this time for some reason the mixture was not just right and the items ended up sticky. An old friend suggested cleaning with nail polish so I decided what the heck it can’t hurt right? Although not ruined they are cloudy now and I am going to fill with another layer of epoxy in the hopes that I can salvage some epoxy pieces.

Change can be good if the right preparation has been done. Whether it is reading how to shoot cool shots with a camera or making sure to get the exact amount of both bottles when using resin.

What are you changing???? Or are you afraid of the C word and refuse to try??


3 Responses to “I Don’t Wanna Change”

  1. michele 'luny' Says:

    Most awesome job, Missy Julie!!! I, for one, am glad that you got snowed in and talked yourself into making this excellent tutorial. Thank you for your time, your talent, your patience and your thoughtfulness in making such a great tutorial for your ‘rock purse peeps’, lol!
    big hugs, luny

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