From Polymer to Art


From Polymer To Art - RED - Edition 0 - 2010

Copy of the first cover…..

Now what could be better than that! Making the move from Polymer clay to art sounds easy enough I wonder what this can bring to the polymer community?

Check it out for yourself…….

I like the fact that there are color schemes that is cool and sound so appealing in print.

I like the fact that it gives the impression that it will be art which makes me think they will be harder projects or really finished looking at least.

The only thing I can not justify is the cost if I price it right it would cost $40.81. I do not think there is any way I can justify that cost it just seems way to expensive. I mean I could get a few used books for that price. I guess we have to wait for the reviews and if they are good enough then break down and buy.

The next swap items are arriving it is so exciting. The swap is for Christmas ornaments or holiday decoration. I have some wonderful, talented participants this time and am thinking my entry may not be good enough. I know I know us artists are always finding fault in ourselves and what we make but I am going to stick to what I have done and get over the fear.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you celebrate and think of making ornaments for loved ones as I have done it the last few years. (I hope they enjoy them and are not just saying that to keep me quiet)

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2 Responses to “From Polymer to Art”

  1. Kathy Weaver Says:

    I am the same way as you about this magazine! I would hope they would find someone to import it so we could buy it at a reasonable cost. I emailed the magazine, and they do not have anyone in the US handling it yet. I wonder if Lisa at Polka Dot Creations could carry it. It’s kind of frustrating….something new in clay….feel like I gotta have it!

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