Winter Blues

Looks nice hunh?

Winter Blues I am sure you have heard of them but have you really noticed when they are present in your life?

I have been in a funk this past week and have spent my final Christmas gift card in the hopes that it would cheer me up a little.

I was also able to participate in a quick Z Net buy with the bulk buying group I am in. I plan on making gifts for family and friends in Lebanon for gifts when we visit this summer. Its going to be hard to let go of the turquoise ones they are reallllyy nice quality.

The reason for the bead purchase now is that I am in a funk and thought they may get my muse goosed quickly. I have a problem with the delayed satisfaction when working with clay. With beads you can string a cool necklace, bracelet and earring set in an evening, with clay my cane is still resting.

This week while talking to people I realized that many are in some kind of a seasonal funk I am not the only one. We just don’t get enough sunlight in the winter months here in the North East we are like hibernating bears.

This is my view now sitting on the couch with the laptop but positioning myself so the sun is beating down on me. I can’t be out in it I have no desire to play in the snow but I know my body needs some rays. Whatever you do at the work table take a few minutes and sit where you can get some sunrays. On the couch, in the car with the heater on because it is cold, whatever you can do to get some rays just do it.

If you do this for just minutes a day in a few days you will feel the funk lifted and your creativity will be spurred without spending money to stimulate your muse. Try it you will like it.

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