Children’s Birthday Party EEEEKK

I had a wonderful vacation with my family in Texas. The funnest day was the one we went to Six Flags and checked out the Fast Pass. It costs a little bit more but is well worth it. We had my brother almost puking after the third ride, he just wasnt the same the rest of the day it was fun :).

Upon returning a family member called and asked it I would do a birthday party for her daughter. I said yes before I realized exactly what I had agreed to. The freaking out began in earnest.

I made a quick shout out on City O Clay and got some wonderful recommendations.

Give the kids options and understand they may create something totally different from your options.

Have child safe tools and supplies.

Have fun and encourage the kids to learn and find their inner muse.

Use pvc pipe for clay rollers ( That suggestion solved any problems I had in my mind).

I am looking forward to hosting a birthday party (not in my house Yea no clean up) for 17-20 six to eight year old girls tomorrow. Our offered projects will be covering a picture frame, a candle holder, or making a pen. These kids are set with supplies thanks to Debbie Gills wonderful suggestions my box was pretty much packed. I was amazed at how many supplies that were not my daily tools that I have accumulated in such a short time. I was happy to have plenty of stamps, old make up (20 different colors), texture sheets, cutters, canes canes and more canes to be able to pack last night while getting ready.

I look forward to living up to the expectations of the birthday girl and I can only hope she and her friends will have a fun party tomorrow. You of course can expect pictures and a complete wrap up next week!

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