Children Polymer Clay Birthday Party

The birthday party was a huge success. Each child was able to make something and take it home with them. Last week when I posted was packed up and pretty much ready to go. Hubby was so sweet he cut a ton of pvc pipe so each child had a clay roller. What is funny is most of them chose not to use it which took a while for me to get over.  They let their muse guide them. :).

When I arrived I was so happy to see Ahmad there to help me carry everything to the back yard. I was even happier when he stayed and helped cut the kids’ canes for them as there were way to many for me to do it all myself.

Here is the table set up and ready for the little munchkins.

The birthday girl had a wonderful time creating as did her friends.

Here are their creations with some thick cane slices, joints that are not smooth, areas where the is no clay covering their piece, but it is theirs, they made it and they are super happy! I started by taking the picture on the ledge knowing they would be great shots. I soon realized they needed to get in the oven so there was time to bake before the kids had to leave.

Only catastrophe of the day was a frame that was covered on the wrong side ekkk.

Her dad said he could fix it so the crisis was averted. You can expect more kid related clay parties with one project choice and better cane cutters@

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