I Hate Sanding


This week we had a wonderful occasion on Saturday and my intention was to make a nice jewelry piece to wear to the event. I hate sanding and I really mean I hate it that is why I own tumblers that I use when I have time to. This week there was not enough time to throw the beads in the tumbler so I began sanding.

Of course I had to make sure that I didn’t sand my nails down ( you have done that too right?) but while focusing on not ruining the nails I ended up sanding my hand raw. This is a picture of said hand 4 days later.

My son is holding the picture of it on the day when I sanded it raw hostage on his phone until I beat him at Words With Friends which is a Scrabble game. So until I beat him (Or don’t let him win) this is all you get of my injury.

All in all I ended up with a lovely necklace and bracelet simple, elegant, and I got a lot of compliments on it.

And a shot of just the bracelet close up so you can hopefully see the detail in the cane.

I just love-making something for me!

Next week you can expect the next swap pics to be posted as the donation swap is now closed. Can not wait to see what they vote on for the next swap I am off to post the poll now. They never cease to amaze me with their choices.

Take care and have fun creating try to make something just for you!

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