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I made pens this week. I have never covered pens and honestly I do not know what I was thinking. They are so easy to do and look real nice. I have been using one of the ones I made all week-long at work. Each time that I forget and give the pen to my customer to sign paperwork, when I remember I cringe inside as I know if they seem like they like it a lot I will give it to them. I made a few so I guess as long as I do not use my favorite one all will be fine.

This week I thought I would give you some links to my favorite polymer clay sites for tutorials. There are so many blogs, and sites out there it is easy to get lost in them. Hopefully you will find some inspiration in these.

You will find me often talking about this group

This is where I hang my polymer hat in the virtual world. I host the polymer clay swaps that run every two months. It is a  group that is focused on learning and not on sales and how to make money with your art. Is this right for everyone? No but for me it works. I have little time to devote to keeping up with different sites and this one fits my needs.

The mother load of polymer information is of course this site.

You can search any topic and find useful information from others with many links to click on as well. This site focuses on learning different techniques for polymer clay. The only frustrating part in my opinion is the number of non working links. This is unavoidable with a site as large as this one. Working links or not you will find something useful if you look for it.

Another useful site is

This site has many tutorials, lots of information from individual polymer artists, and a wonderful chat feature with weekly polymer clay demos. I am not able to spend much time there as I have limited time while home to actually be on the computer, but I have been to the Saturday demos with Stargazer and let me tell you I went oohhh and ahhhh many times while following along.

One thing I enjoy is my daily polymer clay fix and this is how I get it.

The post comes to my inbox and you just never know who Cynthia will feature on her blog. Great Stuff!

One of my favorite sites that has to be translated is this one.

You can use the translator called babbelfish from yahoo and translate it to your language so it will work for anyone in the world.

Another great site for tutorials is this one but for me the best are her rambles (hence the link to her ramble index). They kick me in the but every time even if it is the third time I have seen it.

another site with great tuts

Here you will find a lot of tutorials in many different areas of working with polymer clay.

Another great site is this one.

and this one

Ponswan has many wonderful tutorials in slide show format. Great to learn from.

Everclay is another great site with wonderful tuts

and this one too

and another

and this site who is a dear cyber friend I want to be able to meet someday Luny!

This is a miniature site that I have not had the eyes to try yet.

and another

and another

Heck I forgot to do a search of tutorials on my blog!

At this point I think I am quitting! If you have not lost yourself by now with new ideas  then either something is wrong with  you or you are an artist that is in denial. Honestly that is all I can say lol. I hope that you enjoy the pages I have listed if you have one that I may not know of please clue me in. I am off to finalize my to do list

There are many wonderful tutorials on this site and a few that are on my to do list.

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