Women Artists

If you follow the blog then you know that I am working on calling myself an artist. Whatever the reasons are they are mine and I am working through them the best way I know how to. Thankfully I was in that mindset BEFORE watching a show on PBS about women artists. I was sick with a cold and forced by my body to get my butt in bed and just stay there doing nothing but taking care of me.

It is very depressing if you look at the facts and figures. What is  the bottom line in it all?

Even without discrimination it is very hard to succeed as a woman artist.


Discrimination? Okay so exactly what are the discriminations that I must face if I want to succeed?


Men vs Women it is the age-old battle for equal pay and recognition. That is an old poster from 1985 surely things have improved since then let us look at this one from 2005.


EEEk there is an 83% chance that if I appear in the Met Museum I will be naked?

In all honesty I do not think my work will ever make it to the met I am okay with that feeling because there is still so much I can accomplish.

Along the way I as a woman artist must fight society along with the world’s view of what I should be doing with my life. I have to create my art while making sure as a woman and mother I nurture my family and home.

My husband and son left Sunday for a vacation that I could not get the time off of my real job to be with them on. I began getting sick on Thursday and by Sunday I was a lump on the couch useless and stuck in a pile of Kleenex and cough meds. The only thing I packed out of all those suitcases was my 15 year old’s passport. Thank god it was in its place because they were on their way out the door to the airport and if I had not found it there would have been a lot of drama.

I do not recommend not making sure your passport is where it should be days before you leave to anyone I got lucky because I put it in its place and it stayed there until I needed it :). They made it safely to Saida for some much-needed family time and I have permission to play with clay for a month. Whatever was not packed can be purchased and both of them admitted it was much more peaceful without me confusing them and getting nervous while packing.

So what is left?

Me to get over that mothering I have to do ………… or it will not get done mentality. Again with my art I am my biggest obstacle. On my to do list is to figure out where I want to be with my art, and to knock down every obstacle in my way even if I only saw it because I was forced to with a bad cold. (Get feeling better is on the to do list as well).

If you are not familiar with the Guerrilla Girls and what they are trying to do I highly recommend you check out their informative website. You may be surprised at the facts and numbers or you may be fighting the fight already and dealing with the discrimination.


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2 Responses to “Women Artists”

  1. Roberta Says:

    Well, let me just say, I am an artist. I have been one now for over 40 years. The hardest thing for me has always been the fact that I had children. Having children is not very conducive to being an artist. I have one friend who is a very successful artist. She has never had children. With men it is different. The women take care of the kids/house. The man gets to have shows and succeed.
    I don’t know the answers. Or if there are any.
    I thought that when my kids were grown it would all change for me. But now I have a grandson who needs my help. And my parents are elderly and they need my help.
    I try to squeeze as much art in as I can. It is the only thing that keeps me sane. I gave up long ago on selling my paintings. Sorry but that is my truth.

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