My Claytable

In looking at my pictures of the day (Project 365 app) you can tell I have defiantly been playing with clay.

July 1 Excess of one color of clay while building a cane. Slowly coming to the realization that I use way to much clay and think a mini project would be a great challenge for myself.

July 2 New pasta machine since the last one bit the dust while I was conditioning way to much clay while building a cane.

July 3 Wax for my experiment with the lost wax technique. I am still not sure of the best way to do this but am trying everything I can think of.

July 4 Tins for swap so this is censored until the swap has been mailed.

July 5 The first bead crumbled after all that bleeping time poking holes in the thing. I will try baking again in a different way. This one still needs holes though before I bake it.

July 6 This is the first gardenia from the new tree hubby bought before leaving. I of course in the digital age had to post it on his FB wall for him to see if he ever logs on.

July 7 A hair pin that I made as a prototype. I was happy to be using all that bleeping cane I made in different ways for new ideas. Of course me the artist just saw all the stinking grey hair on my head.

July 8 Pens 12 and 13. I am making one for everyone at work so that some of them can stop saying ” You have not given me anything yet when is it my turn”.

Even with all this activity there was a moment when I looked at my semi clean work table and could not think of what to do next.

That moment the one just after finishing projects and moving items to or from the ufo pile with no commissions to guide us, is the scariest of all for artists.

What’s Next?

I think I may have an idea but it will take months to play itself out for many reasons. What are your what’s next moments? More importantly do you give yours the wings they need to fly?

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