Did you ever have one of those moments where you knew you were going to fall but were powerless to stop it? This happened to me today and boy am I hurting now. I was in the bathroom and had sprayed some stain remover on a shirt and I guess some of it must have gotten on the floor because as I turned around to throw it in the dirty clothes my socked feet began slipping.

I could not stop it the only thing I could do was ride out the Splitz that was coming my way. Guess I must have let out a loud yelp on my way down as hubby came quickly to see what was up. I have 5 pounds of clay to condition for the upcoming class next weekend and my butt is in bed or hobbling around the house.

I needed to put the finishing touches on the items for the City O Clay swap but that is not going to happen today either. My only hope is that this does not hurt worse tomorrow because I have a lot of things now on my to do list.

Amazing how something as simple as throwing the dirty laundry down can change your weekend for the worse.


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6 Responses to “Ouch”

  1. Mozelle Sansone Says:

    Awww! Hope you are feeling better now!!! At least you did’t break any bones and you are able to go to the class next week. !! Looking forward to hearing how it went.!

  2. Linda Beumel-Grow Says:

    Oh Julie I am so sorry to hear you hurt yourself. It sounds like a bad fall. I am praying that you get better real soon.

  3. Sue Dracomom Says:

    Oh, I do so commiserate with you. I fell in my bathroom in March, only I landed in a V shape right in the middle of my back and tore 2 disks. I can still barely walk, some days. I sure hope you have a faster recovery than I did. Smiles

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