Thanksgiving Week Post

What a crazy week for me this week. Last Friday at work I was selected to be the TD Mascot and boy what that a mistake…..

After that my back was killing me so last weekend was spent in bed as well as Monday and Tuesday when I got home from work. Stinking pain makes you really realize how important health is.  On to Turkey day which was spent with friends and I am so grateful to have them in our lives they made the day perfect as hubby is not here it was nice to see them and the two turkeys named Tom and Tim. (No that is not a turkey that is Jenna and….forgot which one was hers Tom or Tim).

Sometime while we were at Thanksgiving dinner the heat went out in the house so Friday even though I had to go to work I just decorated, passed out the Black Friday Bags, and got the heck out of there. There was no way I could fix the heat and the neighbor was not home so I went to the local Home Depot and got two small heaters that you can plug-in. I will have hubby worry about the heat when he comes home in a couple of weeks it is warm and I am not holding a brick (what we were doing a few weeks ago when we lost power for days).Finally I have a manageable back ache, heat, and am ready to start building my next cane and guess what happens????

The neighbors were having their driveway re-paved when the truck accidentally ran into the pole which broke and had to be replaced. I was able to start yesterday but did not get far……Crazy schedule at work this week with the meeting, Christmas tree lighting at the Country Club, and working on Saturday but I plan on putting whatever time I have into it this week so I can get a sexy cane made. I look forward to giving you some shots next week hopefully of a completed cane.

What is on your clay table, or in your life that is preventing you from getting there???




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