New Canework

Isnt this just a beautiful piece of fabric and canework. This is one of Carol Simmons’ students work I do not know her name and I sure wish I did. So if you know who’s cane this is please let me know so I can add her  here. I loved the colors and one of the things learned in the recent Carol Simmons class was the use of colors in your creations.

I asked Carol what colors needed to be sheeted and began the journey with this cane. The biggest obstacle for me this week was the feeling that I did not want to duplicate the elements from this cane into mine.  That was the most challenging aspect of this whole week for me. I mean look at the wonderful caning she did this is one great cane.

And now my interpretation of the artwork and colors. First the component canes.

The layout which I know will be nothing like what the cane will end up being. I know the color aspect of the class stuck with me as when my son came in to look at one point he said he liked the colors YEA!

The cane before reducing. This one somehow ended up being way too tall let’s see what happens when I reduce.

Work at my 9-5 Monday then I am on claycation baby!

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3 Responses to “New Canework”

  1. Glo Weimern Says:

    It looks like one made by Trina Palermo.

  2. elisabet sayos Says:

    como haces las cañas diferentes y si tenes tutorial para aprenderlas.

  3. suzanne Says:

    hi! i just saw this cane on Carol’s FB page and i agree it is awesome. however, i cannot remember the creatress’ name, but you can check it out there.
    i love the cane you have built very much. each slice looks so simple (and like maybe could make it…), but together, wow, you have made one beautiful cane. i’m very eager to see what you will do with it!


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