Life Stinks (sometimes)

Did you ever have one of those phases in life when you just got punched in the tummy or kicked in the butt?

It happens to the best of us heck this is life. What I want to know is how do you survive artistically while in the middle of it all?

I have no answers for you here I am seeking advice from you my art friends.

I mean when life throws something at you that you for a while see no good way out of how in the heck do you even feel like you want to be in the studio? How do you bring yourself to create? I can not even make it to the table as clean as it is now (yes it is still clean YEA!).

I got some new toys in the mail today and am hoping that is what I NEED to get going. They are the die sets for the book Relief Beyond Belief which I think will be a new interesting thing to try. Also looming are two swaps I am in and boy those puppies are due quick well quick for someone who has not even been at the table for a few weeks.

Dang I better get cracken! There is some inspiration for you deadlines :).

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5 Responses to “Life Stinks (sometimes)”

  1. rubydragon63 Says:

    Since I just started reading your blog, I am backtracking through your posts and came across this one.

    Imho it all depends on ‘what’ life is throwing at you? For me it always relaxes me to lock myself up in my clayroom, just grab some clay or an UFO and start working. It quickly gets my mind off whatever is going on. For me it’s ike withdrawing into my own little world where the outside sh*t has no place…

    But, if the things being thrown at you doesn’t give you time to do that, I just mope and start cleaning LOL Here they know that when I start cleaning there is something wrong 😮

    Not that I never clean around the house otherwise, it is just a different kind of cleaning if you know what I mean 🙂

  2. EK Hil Says:

    When I just can’t drag myself to muster up something, I just grap a bunch of backdated magazines that I have not looked at for years and flip thru and ooh and ahh like I have never seen them before. By then I have forgotten most of what was there. Then at least I still feel somewhat defunked because I get some inspiration built up underneath the lack of motivation and always have that “cushion”. Then here and there I just grab stuff and make random components, with no real project in mind, or make up bead mixes with no intention to really use and leave them laying on my table, eventually I get a spark, or I put them away because I “have a better idea” and off I go! Unless of course it is for a current matchbox shrine swap I’m in!!!!!!! ahemmmmmmm………..

    • bluedamselflyjewelry Says:

      I love looking at magazines my problem is when I start I get ideas and sketch them badly in a notebook. Months or years later when I find them usually I have no idea what I was thinking of way back when. The matchbox shrine swap has been a real tough one for me but I have a cheesy idea which is better than none. I hope to work on them tonight while watching the super bowl!

  3. Jeanne Says:

    It’s hard I know and I wish I had an answer. I cant get myself into the chair for a different reason. I have ADD. The first and last thing I do every night is get on Polymer Clay Daily! I have about every book and tool and have even taken a class or two but I have so many projects running through my head that I want to try that I get overwhelmed and dont try any of them! Hang in there. I’m sure you”ll get your mojo back!!

    • bluedamselflyjewelry Says:

      Jeanne I say pick two or three projects that you want to try and go for it. You work on one till you get stuck or sick of it then jump to the next. That is how many artists that are not in production work. We have several ongoing projects on our table at a time. Dont even get me started on the ufo pile….Un Finished Objects.
      Get going and you will find your mojo.

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