Clean Worktable

I do not know about you but I hate a clean work table. It may indeed be my biggest fear as an artist.

Family stuff is still in the way but the end is in sight and we just need to make it there together.

Both of the swaps I am in are complete now and have been for a few weeks. I am just waiting on all the boxes to start showing up and then the real work will begin. Somehow I have both of them closing the first week of March with  mail dates of the 15th. One of the things I did decide was that each time I am in a swap I plan on making one of whatever it is to give to a reader on the blog. So get ready two swaps are closing soon woo hoo.

What am I left with?

A clean work table, and a to do list a mile long.

I looked at the list and nothing really grabbed me so I decided to go through a box of supplies that needed to be priced. Found a ton of ear wires and it seems like I must have ordered them not been able to find them and then ordered again. Oh well I can make earrings for a while.

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2 Responses to “Clean Worktable”

  1. rubydragon63 Says:

    An empty desk?!?!?! That is aweful!!

    When I was still working at the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam, I had this collegue who always had his desk cleaned off when it was time to go home, compared to my desk that was always stacked full of files, dossiers and things and even on the floor, surrounding my chair and under my desk. It wasn’t like he had his work finished and I didn’t, he just put it in drawers and cabinets to pull it all out the next morning… I didn’t really care much for him so one day I asked him “Did you know that an ’empty’ desk is the mirrorization of the same state of mind?” LOL

    My desk is always full since I keep part of my supplies on there and there are always the projects I work on. Sometimes it is SO full that I can’t even work at it but then my secret weapon comes out: a drop-down part that I always have hanging down but can put up when I need the space 🙂

    If my desk would be empty I guess I would be like you, not knowing what to do with it LOL

  2. Mozelle Says:

    Now you have to show us your ear rings after they are made.

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