Matchbox Swap Giveaway

My family god bless them are so helpful with my art journey. They have put up with me roaming the isles at stores and finding something that usually is made for something else that I am going to use with my clay pieces. They have put up with me throwing clay under their bum to warm it up while they are lazing on the couch. They have helped me with design and color schemes and are always there to give me their honest opinion on my creations.

I was not ready however for the reaction to my latest creation from my son.

‘Whadda ya think Fouad?”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes I want to know what do you think of this it is part of my new spring collection.”

“Mom do not take this the wrong way but in all of the years with all the things you have brought to me this is the worst thing ever.”


“I am telling you that it is the worst thing ever!”

“Let me go change my shirt” ……… running, changing, and coming back to ask again……”So whadda ya think?”

“What part of that is the worst thing ever do you not understand? You can change your shirt all you want that will not help it is the design that is wrong. Colors are good but the whole design is wrong. What is this sticking out? Mom you need to go back and try again.”

“Where is my phone I am going to text dad and ask him?”

“Go right ahead text him he will tell you the same thing I did.”

“I know I will wear it to work tomorrow and ask them they will tell me.”

“Mom if they are your real friends they will tell you it is ugly……if not then they will say they like it and be lying.”

Flash to the next work day when I wore it to work and got the honest opinions. Thumbs down 100%.


I know I told you there would be a giveaway this week and there is YEA.

To enter for MY matchbox swap giveaway just leave a comment about one of your experiences when you asked someone for advice on your art and they gave it to you no holes barred. This piece will be unveiled next week when the winner is announced as I am still waiting for an overseas participant to get their swap box. We want it to be a surprise. You do not have to have a negative experience to win any memory will be fine.

With our designs we struggle sometimes creating what we think is wearable art. I still like what I made and think it looks great with my hot pink shirt but ya just never know.

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3 Responses to “Matchbox Swap Giveaway”

  1. Erl Hil Says:

    Funny, when I look at them I think they are fine. I like how the colors look deeper in the second pic more so than the 1st, but in general I liked the design because it was different and creative, but not like ridiculous or anything! Maybe that is the thing….it is not your norm that everyone knows….so not what they expect…..but unless they are going to buy it or wear it, it is not about their expectations, it is about what you like! For example, take one of the many artists that goes way out there with color and design and everything, and have them make one of you beautiful things, and their usual followings might think…”eh…not so much”, but your usual followings think “OMG, that is beautiful”…..I think this is where artists get lost sometimes, or frustrated, or discouraged….regardless of who the art is to purchase by, we still need to make it for ourselves….Put on that pink shirt and strut your stuff woman!

  2. Helene Goodman Says:

    the very first pendant I made I came out proud as can be and my husband asked me if I really planned to wear that out in public. I wore it anyway and got a couple of really nice compliments. Now I never get offended when he doesn’t like something I made, but I rarely listen to him. 🙂

  3. rubydragon63 Says:

    Don’t you love the honesty of your family? When Fouad said “Are you serious?” you could have guessed his meaning LOL

    But, as you know, in creating there aren’t any mistakes only experiments that didn’t come out the way you imagined 🙂 Post a picture of your creation on your hot pink shirt and we can see if it looks better?

    Beth is always my main source of criticism, good or bad, and I sometimes dread to ask her opinion LOL She is really great with colors and always says “Maybe if you make this darker/lighter” or “I don’t like this at all!” which sends me back to the drawingboard. I do love her honesty though and I really appreciate her comments. If I didn’t want to know I shouldn’t be asking, right?

    Still, to me imho, you are one helluvah wonderful artist and I can’t imagine one of your pieces coming out as a 100% thumbs down!


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