Matchbox Swap Pics and Giveaway!

Finally I am able to show you the pictures of the match box swap shrine that just finished up. I must admit they dropped out like flies this time! I do not know exactly what it was about the match box swap that got to us but it was a hard one this time!  Enjoy the pics!

And I do not know what in the heck I did with my photo but I can not move it around so crick your neck and see what one of the lucky winners gets in the giveaway!

And now you have the match box swap giveaway!

And the winner is Erl Hill. I hope that you enjoy it and it can help you some time with your art. Sometimes it is a hard struggle to create what we think is art I know I do. I have a bowl of rocks that I have written simple inspirational things on. When I struggle with a design I reach into the bowl and it helps me with direction. This was a play on that bowl that helps me. On the outside I chose a combination lock because it is not one thing (like a key) that is needed but many techniques to finish a project. With each completed project we add to our library of knowledge.

Erl I hope you enjoy this match box swap and be on the look out as soon we will have the Carol Simmons swap pictures and give away. (NOTE it is my piece being given away not Carol’s).

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3 Responses to “Matchbox Swap Pics and Giveaway!”

  1. Erl Hil Says:

    OMG! I am sooo lucky! How creative everyone is! Too bad I just couldn’t pull anything out of my brain…or anywhere else to pull it All of these are great! Swap Mama Julie, yours are fabulous (and not just because I won one..he he…) I LOVE the whole idea and inspiration and everything! I will put all of your creative energy and good “joojoo” to work! Thx a bunch! YOU ARE AWESOME – and COC rocks because of all your dedication! Great job EVERYONE! I’ll email you my address info on COC! Woo hoo!

  2. rubydragon63 Says:

    Congrats, Erl! You’ve won a cool looking “unlock your creativity” matchbox here 🙂 I love all the entries of the swap participants and a shame that I had to drop out of this one…

    Every swapper is an artist in their own right and not one matchbox even looks a little like another. There is such diversity and that makes these swaps so great to join!

    Also great, and not less important, is our great and proud Swap Mama! I can’t stress enough how much you do, dear Julie, and how appreciative we all are that you are willing to take the time and do all that. You always say that without us, participants, there is no swap, but there is no swap either if we don’t have a Swap Mama who takes care of things 😉

    I forgot about your bowl with rocks and inspirational inscriptions… I have a lot of smaller black rocks that were too small to use for the rock purses and I think I’m going to use your idea of writing something inspirational on it in case of an(other) artistic block.

    What sort of things do you have written on yours and how do they help you in a certain direction?

    Big hugs!

    • bluedamselflyjewelry Says:

      The most controversial one is to smoke! Some others are (giving you the first 10 I grab)
      Go outside
      `Enlarge a fragment
      make it move
      make a ____
      New form
      Look at magazine
      🙂 (literally a happy face)
      add color
      add humor
      You can go on and on…..try it may take a few rocks but you will love what you end up with.
      Thank you so much for the wonderful swap comments it is something that I really love doing. I can not wait to retire so I can devote more time to clay! Take Missy and mark your rocks…..or if you want to get real creative make them out of clay. That was on my to do list too long I ended up just writing on the rocks lol.

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