Buffing for Dummies

The absolute best information on buffing is here in my opinion. Please go to her site she has a lot of great information.


That is the tutorial I tried to follow and here are my mistakes so you will not make them in your artistic journey. My mistake was that I bought an arbor not an arbor adaptor. This is what you do not want.

ImageYou want to be able to screw the piece you are attaching (ARBOR ADAPTAR) to the one from your machine! Make sure to look for that when buying on-line as your local store is not likely to sell it.  

So I have a grinder which was a gift for Mother’s Day I must tell you I was very proud of hubby he got the exact one that was in the tutorial and I had no way to attach it. Whadda ya going to do? That’s right go to your local hardware store and find a guy who is crafty like you, his job is to get it done in the best way he can. After a few minutes I remembered the gentleman that came to help me from a while back I do not remember what crazy phase I was in but am hoping it was not the clean dirt one that was bad even for me. I also forgot I had told him I would bring something for his wife for helping me and went a few times but did not find him and forgot about it.

He listened patiently while I stated my dilemma adding of course that he had helped me last time and I really was going to bring something for his wife this time. He had a suggestion that required finding a nut to fit on the piece so we began looking but did not find one that would fit. I then remembered that the piece sticking out at home was larger with the grooves so the only logical thing was to go home and get the grinder that I had already dismanteled. This time I go back to local hardware store with my son carrying the grinder and I with a necklace for his wife. 

The following is a tutorial which is a solution to my lack of the ability to follow directions.

His idea was to build the buffer onto the ________ his name for the thing sticking out.

Take a washer and put it on.



Then you want to attach the metal piece that came with the buffing wheel. This photo shows the piece on already and  the other one for a visual.


Next put your buffing wheel on I put two on.


Then you will want to put another metal thing on.


Another washer.


And a bolt.


Make sure your bolt is tight I mean really tight. You may also want to make sure what ever you are attaching to table wise is cleaned off. This is not good!


There was stuff flying everywhere and that made me realize just how powerful this machine is. Be careful and follow proper safety instructions provided with your machine. Do not attach to your messy dining room table as damage may occur.


And always take care of your local hardware store guy’s wife!

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