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Miss Sharing

April 28, 2014

I really miss sharing with you guys. I could give  reason after reason but instead let me show you a small taste of what I have not shown you lately lol.

ImageWendy made a bowl! I was so proud of her the day she came over and did this. Heck I had not even made a bowl yet and she did it and it turned out great. That is also by the way her first cane ever!

ImageI started beading which is something I said I would never ever in my life do. This is a cellini sprial that I did for the gallery show at the Lexington Arts and Crafts Society.

ImageYes I said it a gallery show! The theme was Spring Starts Here! Those flowers were a tutorial that I took tonz of pictures for. By the time I finally was able to make the dang flowers I was DONE! Even darling son asked “What is that like the 30th try?”. The name Flowers of Torture yes I was done.

ImageI saw prince with a very close friend from work Stephanie McCarthy. She had just had her baby and I could not believe she left Winnie to come with me and kept telling her over and over. Oh a fun night a very nice night.

ImageAnother tutorial gone bad. This one did not work at all my first attempt at Mokume I will take pics next time and it will work.

ImageThe Christmas wine I loved it so much I went and bought several more bottles. Yumm and love the name it reallly said a lot about what was going on with me personally at that time.

ImageAnother tutorial that didnt make it to prime time. Love the cane though.

ImageReally blurry lol but you get the idea.

And so do I. On my to do list is to figure out how to post from the phone for quick pics of what is or is not on my claytable. I hear those so often say they need to create more. I am so blessed to now have the time to create I need to share with you more what I am creating. Lets see if the to do list works for me and you too. If your not creating try to find out what is preventing you from doing what you love. Is it time? Motivation? Self doubt?