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Helping Hands

September 18, 2011

Funny I never looked at hands the way I have this week ever in my life. That is because I am sculpting them. Not very good mind you but I am trying which is something I never planned on doing. Bleeping hands.

My decision was to have them holding something to disguise how bad they really look. Still I would find myself pretend holding stuff up so I could make sure the thumbs were the right way. This  lead to looks from family while walking by and looking at me with my hands up or laughing at myself while hands were pretend holding something.

When was the last time you laughed at yourself while creating art?

Try it you may like it.


Central Mass PCGuild

April 17, 2010

I wanted this post to be titled I am so Happy but it just didn’t seem right, I have to give props to the Guild! I have not had the chance in my clay travels to take but one class and that was sheer luck and timing honestly. While at the class I learned the importance of joining a guild.  This is the one I found…

This is the groups home page where we discuss meeting information if you live in the Ma area we would love it if you joined, or even stopped by one month to see if it fits you.

I am so happy to have found this group of women. I mean for me claying is such a solitaire art. I am at the  clay table  by myself ALL THE TIME! If something does not get done or done correctly it is my problem I have no one to blame but myself. Practice, practice, practice, or as my online mentor Aunty Alias says baby steps. We all have to start with baby steps.

My feedback is my husband, son, and coworkers. The customers who I have that know I design will ask about the piece I am wearing and give feedback from time to time. My coworkers are used to the fact that I may bring in a bag of rings and let them wear it till it breaks BUT if you take one you have to tell me what you were doing when it broke, and show the broken piece to me if you can.  This way as an artist I get to see what does not work about a certain design I am working on.

Hubby and son see the piece in the works sometimes with each step from cane creation to finished piece. Often I do not know if they really like a piece or if they are just telling me what I want to hear so I will go back to my cave and leave them alone. On the rare occasion I catch them “in the mood” they will go so far as to select colors or give a direction for a piece.

I can not tell you how happy I am to have found others with the same sickness as me. All t he women are extremely talented and creative as is seen in our project this month …..Bracelets. I found them to be so giving with the information or tips they had I can not ever begin to give back what I have received. I am so happy! Look at everyone’s semi finished pieces so unique each and every one of them. I am so inspired by these wonderful women.

Makes me want to finish this and go play ……..but the house is a mess and laundry does need to be done so we shall see.

If there is a guild in your area JOIN! If not start one! I am telling you that you will enjoy it so much if you do.

Now for my question, while wearing a cuff bracelet how do you get it not to move like this one is? Sorry for the bad photo but no one is here to take a pic of how it is resting on my arm. My arm is turned sideways and the opening keeps falling on my arm the way you would slide it on not laying the way it should. I am guessing that I should try to squeeze it tight so it does not move but do not want to damage the clay by doing that.

Thanks for any advice and GO CLAY WITH SOMEONE you will love the inspiration that comes from it.