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Facebook Focus Month

May 8, 2010

I have decided to make Facebook be the focus of the blog for a month. There will be the latest swap pictures one week ( mail date is May 12th) but other than that you can expect ways to be productive and promote your art.

Recently someone asked how I get the blog links in my posts and I promised them the first post would be on how to do  that.

Honestly it is very easy to do first you write your blog post I use WordPress because I do not have a lot of experience and it just seems easy to me. I know there are a lot of widgets and tools that I could add to the blog and if any of you want to show me your favorite widget I would love to learn. Each time I try I seem to get lost for a couple of hours and not get much accomplished.

After you write your blog you need to log on to Facebook. I am showing this tutorial from my profile page.

Write what you want to in the text box

See that link box? Click on it and past the link from your webpage into the space.

All that is left to do is to click attach and share!

So that is it in a few quick and easy clicks.

Last night I though I found a way through Facebook to have it auto update from the blog to my profile but it seems after a couple of hours no success.  This is the hard way but it is just a few clicks and your facebook friends get to see what your up to!

 I post to the blog weekly and update various places including my Facebook page. Lets say you have your blog, and your updating places and one of those places is to your Facebook page but you do play a game or two in your free time and are worried that it does not look professional.

I mean do my fellow artists really want to know that I am hunting for the latest thingamajig to build the whatcha macallit?

What do you do then? Stop playing games? My friends you can create a business page and I will show you how to do that next week with just a few clicks!

How many times have you clicked today while playing a game? A few more for a productive reason will not do anything but send you in a positive direction.

To give some feedback about your facebook experience take this quiz it is only 9 quick quesitons and I really want to know what you do while your on facebook.
Click here to take survey

Faux Goldstone Quick Tutorial

March 14, 2010

If I would have quit the first, second or even third time I tried to make this then I never would have come up with this. Pretty simple once you figure out how to get the depth!

Super easy just roll a sheet of medium thickness, then cover with liquid Sculpy. Cover with glitter!

Cut out shapes covered with glitter.

Roll a black sheet on fairly thick setting. Cut out shapes and put a bead poker so you can string the beads easily when finished.

Attach your glitter sheet and your black sheet with liquid sculpy.

Bake per manufacturer setting and time. Cool and remove the bead poker.

This is the best thing I have found to get depth with clearness.

POUR EQUAL PARTS! You must read the directions it is very important to get exactly equal parts.

Mix it until you see bubbles per directions. Add as many layers as you can being careful to not have the mixture run over the sides and onto your tile.

Finished beads!

And here are some more that were wrapped to support the extra layers of epoxy. And yes you can see some spilled over on the sides. Do as I say not as I do.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Please if you make something with this technique show me your stuff!


January 24, 2010

I am a member of city o clay and we have swaps there. They are real fun and I get to see what everyone had made because I am the one doing the shipping.

So one of the swappers Tabatha Pimentel sent in beads that had eyelets OMG what fun. Some of Tabatha’s work can be seen here.

I love her work she is so talented which is probably why she finished her beads this way. I can not show you hers since she is in the swap and I can not post her pictures until the swap is finished so I hope I have done her justice by this attempt.

Here are the eyelets. These are from Joanne’s I am sure you can get them online. I would like to find some sterling silver ones to use. (Writing on the to do list!) They are the Craft Essentials 1/8″ Eyelets.

I am sorry but can I just say that picture looks freeken good. Okay no light box but that is a good close up (patting herself on the back).

Is this the correct way of using eyelets?  I have no idea I am telling you what I did and BTW it was really easy.

 What I did was to make a bead,  then poke my hole with a poker, make the hole bigger with a clay shaper, insert eyelet, work eyelet in by rolling in your hands.

They still need more time in the tumbler the idea you want to get from this is the eyelet idea for finishing your beads.

Try it you will like it I think. The one thing I do recommend if you are using scrap clay try to get it as close as you can to the color of the bead. I used white scrap and you can see the scrap. Looks Tacky. Another idea would be to use a contrasting color for interest Hmmmmm that is a cool idea as well. What can you come up with? Or have you already done it?

Take care and have fun claying!

Kaliedoscope Experiement

January 3, 2010

Okay so I was goofing around today and decided to do an experiement. Lets make a simple cane with just a few colors and see how many different canes we can get from it by piecing them together in a different way.

So here are the simple colors used.

Okay I added an orangish color to the mix but didnt picture it but you can figure that part out lol.

Now to make the simple cane that all the other combos will evolve from.

Am I proud of this cane? No but it is going to serve its purpose well. Simplicity and since there are not a lot of complex canes used it will be easier to see the formations come together.

I started by just piecing them together then by shaping them either in squares or triangles and then recombining.

Check this out!

And this

What the heck? Now my mind IS racing!

Photo Set Up Tips!

November 27, 2009

The photo taking question was recently addressed on the clay list City O Clay and since that is #1 or #2 on my to do list I am tackling that subject today! Please weigh in and let me know what you think!

So you want to take good pictures of your jewelry(or insert your item here)…… items hunh? Do you have the cash to buy a set up?

The camera is something you are going to have to figure out yourself. Since a camera is on my Xmas list I am using what I have which is a HP Photosmart M525. This is going to focus on the set up you can work with to take great pics.

What is a small photo set up you may ask?
Here is a company that sells table top studios. If the link is broken I searched studio lighting setups.

Basicly it is lights with a box.

Here is a way you can make one.
I made that one I recommend if you make it please make sure you use only one large piece of thin white paper. I made it when no store around me was open and used 8/2 x 11 which left sections of the paper that met visible no matter how hard I tried to tape them so nothing would show. I also had the problem of the corners being visible in the jewelry pieces I was photographing. Hours wasted!
If you want to see one that is close up and somewhat focuses on that exact issue in my opinion try here!
I think this is a really good table top set up you can make. For me unfortunately it did not work out it could have been operator error but I still want to take good pictures.
During this time the lighting set up I used was the ones you get from your local hardware store and I snapped them to the sides of closet doors and one from above like this.
(example of early lighting set up)
Okay so you have to picture the way they would look from the top set up this way. Just clip one onto the shelf and point it down toward the object your photographing.
Okay that didn’t work NEXT! This is what I got for Christmas last year.
I chose the economy kit! It took real good pictures but honestly the box was a pita for me. I mean the lamps came with covers for the light so why did I have to use the stinking box. Why not get a back drop and take pics?? Got the lights, got the covers for them to diffuse the light sounds like a plan to me.
Kind of something like this.

Wow that is exactly what I tried so now I get to show you what I came up with! I do not have a garage so I used my table lights.
Like this! Please note for illustration purposes I am showing the marketing that was the piece of paper I used for the background.

So here are some examples of the photos I took. I was amazed at how they differed by just a faint change in the lighting placement.

I will start with

2 lights diffused one on each side this one from a little further out.

2 lights diffused one on each side this one close in. I think that looks pretty good wonder what it will look like with 3 lights?

On the following set of photos there are 3 lights.
There is one on each side that is diffused ………..and one handheld that moves and is not diffused.

3 lights not diffused with one light on each side with the third light shining from the front of the piece. See the shadows!

3 lights not diffused with one light on each side with the third shining from the middle of the piece.

3 lights not diffused with one light on each side with the third shining from the back of the piece.

Nice now what happens if I take the two diffused lights on each side and then diffuse the third as well, of course while moving it around again?

3 lights diffused with one light on each side with the third shining from the front of the piece.

3 lights diffused with one light on each side and the third shining from the top straight down at the jewelry.

3 lights diffused with one light on each side and the third shining from the back of the set up.

This is the same picture from the Flickr site I think it just looks better on Flickr. No I am not going to tackle the fact that the pics on Flickr look better than on the blog I am putting on the to do list though!

3 lights diffused with one light on each side and one to the front right of the picture.

Here is what I have come up with for a basic set up.

So thats what works for me! So far. Now just to decide which placement of the photos I like! What do you think?? I am still amazed at how the lighting changed depending on where I placed the lights.

This week was fun!

But did I figure the whole thing out or even come close to understanding?

Not really which stinks I wanted to have simple posts that have a begining and an end in one session. This didnt end for me I now have to face the fact that what looks good in Flickr may or may not look good in WordPress or insert your favorite program here.

My only other option is to save in WordPress as a larger image hmmmmm

That is what full size looks like.

Only other option is this

So here I am with no end, again, photos on the brain still.

Oh well this was a good blog post! Patting herself on the back and getting out her clay.

David Christianson Inspiration

February 27, 2009

This week I thought I would teach you something as someone requested. Thanks Tirza for the nudge.

Here are glass pendants by David Christianson.


That inspired me to try them with this new…………. to me anyway technique of using 2 part epoxy resin with clay. Of course I couldn’t find the inspiration pieces when making the clay ones.

I am not going to tell you how to build the base use your imagination and do a search of polymer clay pendants you will find something. The thing to remember when picking a pendant is that you will be wrapping the pendant to make an area that the epoxy can be layered and will stay in not run over the sides.

Here is an example of my bases before any layering. Notice the height of the sides?


Follow the directions for the 2 part resin you are using. The brand I used was EnviroTex Lite Pour on High Gloss Finish. I bought mine at the local craft store and with the 50% coupon it cost $8.00. The directions for mine were to mix exactly the same amount of resin and hardener, and pour on the item to be covered.


I found that if I used 2 disposable drinking cups, and a bbq skewer to mix it eliminated major clean up headaches. I poured exactly the same amount of resin in one cup and in the other cup the hardener. When pouring you will always have one cup that has more than the other one use that cup and pour it into the first cup. Mix thoroughly. I mean really mix it ideally you want to see a lot of bubbles in the mix the more the better. (( Sorry I was not taking a pic of the bubbles)).

Pour it on your pieces covering any clay you may have. You see all those bubbles??? The way to get rid of them is to breathe or blow on the epoxy. Something in the resin makes it have a chemical reaction in about 5 minutes and the bubbles form and pop. It really is amazing to watch they just keep popping and popping even at the point when you cannot see any bubbles they still keep going to the surface and popping.


You need to let the first layer rest for at least 8 hours I let mine rest 24 just because I wanted to make sure that I would not damage the first layer when adding to it. I placed the next layer of black and white clays that had already been baked for 30 min at 275*. I mixed more epoxy and then poured the second layer again blowing to release the bubbles.




Lets see where your creativity can take this idea. These are just my samples to see if it can be done.