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Miss Sharing

April 28, 2014

I really miss sharing with you guys. I could give  reason after reason but instead let me show you a small taste of what I have not shown you lately lol.

ImageWendy made a bowl! I was so proud of her the day she came over and did this. Heck I had not even made a bowl yet and she did it and it turned out great. That is also by the way her first cane ever!

ImageI started beading which is something I said I would never ever in my life do. This is a cellini sprial that I did for the gallery show at the Lexington Arts and Crafts Society.

ImageYes I said it a gallery show! The theme was Spring Starts Here! Those flowers were a tutorial that I took tonz of pictures for. By the time I finally was able to make the dang flowers I was DONE! Even darling son asked “What is that like the 30th try?”. The name Flowers of Torture yes I was done.

ImageI saw prince with a very close friend from work Stephanie McCarthy. She had just had her baby and I could not believe she left Winnie to come with me and kept telling her over and over. Oh a fun night a very nice night.

ImageAnother tutorial gone bad. This one did not work at all my first attempt at Mokume I will take pics next time and it will work.

ImageThe Christmas wine I loved it so much I went and bought several more bottles. Yumm and love the name it reallly said a lot about what was going on with me personally at that time.

ImageAnother tutorial that didnt make it to prime time. Love the cane though.

ImageReally blurry lol but you get the idea.

And so do I. On my to do list is to figure out how to post from the phone for quick pics of what is or is not on my claytable. I hear those so often say they need to create more. I am so blessed to now have the time to create I need to share with you more what I am creating. Lets see if the to do list works for me and you too. If your not creating try to find out what is preventing you from doing what you love. Is it time? Motivation? Self doubt?



Epoxy Nooooooo

July 1, 2013

Well it was not a good idea to try the Epoxy. Those who saw it coming from a mile away thanks for the heads up.  Not!


Very frustrated now. Going to try to condition the barrel and see where that gets me.


June 29, 2013

So you are supposto sing that to the tune of the Fergie song here is a link to the video on You Tube.

This week I have been trying many new projects from tutorials I have gathered. All was going well until I came to the tumbling part of the whole deal.I followed the tutorial from Desire the best I could. Here is her tutorial here which is a very good one.

I was unable to get the coat hangers fastened the way she was able to. So I tried placing a circular sheet of sand paper inside the tube hoping that would give me what I needed. When I pulled my beads out of the tumbler this is what I saw.

ImageCan you see the discoloration on the bead on the bottom? I am not sure what went wrong here. I used two tumblers and from what I can tell there was one of them that caused discoloration on the beads. This is very frustrating as each bead took me 25 minutes to make and now I am not sure if they are permanantly lost or can be salvaged.

My idea on what to do? I decided that the two part epoxy glue I have is just the answer. I took my inserts made from Desire’s tutorial and placed them in the tumbler.

ImageI drew a line with a permanent marker where the two sides overlaped.

ImageI then added tape to the inside to hold the two pieces together and used my epoxy glue to adhere the two sides together from the outside.

ImageLet dry, remove the tape from the inside and do the same gluing from the inside now. My intention was to make the thing so that the outside would not discolor the beads on the inside.

Now I am not sure if all of this is necessary as I did a shout out to my Facebook Friends and  Ashley Hetler says she uses a tumbler and does not use a liner and gets no discoloration. I have no explination for why my beads discolored and hers do not other than the idea that maybe my tumbler is new and that is what is causing it. This post speaks to that issue.

So in conclusion what is the answer? I have no clue I am just trying the best I can to tumble without ruining what I have spent so much time making! Each one of those bleeping black beads took me 25 minutes to make so I am going to try tumbling with sandpaper to see if I can save the beads. I will let you know how it turns out.



Wiii Wooo Heeee Hooo

June 26, 2013

Doing the happy dance.

Why you may ask? 

ImageIt is all because of this. I usually take this photo when I am going on vacation as they make me remove the chairs from my desk. This time it is because I have quit my full time 40 hour a week job and am now a full time artist.

It is crazy how things have changed so much in just a few days. I am so excited to share the journey with you all and I hope that you may find some inspiration or problem resolution with your art.

Its just crazy the things I am able to do now! Get ready for a fun fun ride.


Get err done!

March 24, 2013

For some reason I keep loosing this post. I will give the pictures lets see I the story is there or gets lost. I am sick of retyping this cussing about where the bleeping post went to and starting again!
pay him
bring in the troops
my baby

My attempt at sitting down to the clay table after being away for a long time. Paid son to extrude the discussions were funny, he ended up bringing in a friend because it was so hard. Friend quit not all clay was extruded we just kind of quit with hurt hands and all!
Not even sure if I want to use it or just quit. I do know two things well
1. Son will never extrude for me again If serious cash is not involved.
2. I need to figure out how to hook a drill up to the extruder.

Why do I have to do this stuff again?

Pandora Bead Swap Pics

March 4, 2013


We finshed the Pandora swap and now have moved on to pens…..Enjoy the eye candy.



First Pandora Bead

January 24, 2013


I can at least give you this my very first Pandora bead ever made on my new Pandora reward for quitting three weeks! These two were made last year when I got the blanks from Fire Mountain Gems.

Blog looks like it used to now I swear it looked different before it is not me getting old however I am quitting for the night.

WordPress I Love You But……..

January 24, 2013

This Saturday I quit smoking 1 month ago. One thing about the new me is I do not have patience.

I will admit it has been a month and a half since I lost posted but come on WordPress I do not have the patience to lean new now.

I was already here two weeks ago saw the change and did not have the patience to learn new then.

Today I decided I had to try and had a really long post with pictures that somehow went bye bye while trying to upload and now I do not have the patience to do again.

I wanted you to know I miss blogging and wanted to say heyyyyyyyyy and tell you all about new inspirations and thinking about being an artist, the process and most important the end result.

But this wil all have to wait while I go and learn new…….grrrrrrrr

Blue Dragonfly Swap Pics

June 23, 2012

The task was to create a blue dragonfly and see the different ways each creation followed the directions but were sooooo different. Have fun looking at the pics while I am on vacation see ya in a month!


Buffing for Dummies

June 5, 2012

The absolute best information on buffing is here in my opinion. Please go to her site she has a lot of great information.

That is the tutorial I tried to follow and here are my mistakes so you will not make them in your artistic journey. My mistake was that I bought an arbor not an arbor adaptor. This is what you do not want.

ImageYou want to be able to screw the piece you are attaching (ARBOR ADAPTAR) to the one from your machine! Make sure to look for that when buying on-line as your local store is not likely to sell it.  

So I have a grinder which was a gift for Mother’s Day I must tell you I was very proud of hubby he got the exact one that was in the tutorial and I had no way to attach it. Whadda ya going to do? That’s right go to your local hardware store and find a guy who is crafty like you, his job is to get it done in the best way he can. After a few minutes I remembered the gentleman that came to help me from a while back I do not remember what crazy phase I was in but am hoping it was not the clean dirt one that was bad even for me. I also forgot I had told him I would bring something for his wife for helping me and went a few times but did not find him and forgot about it.

He listened patiently while I stated my dilemma adding of course that he had helped me last time and I really was going to bring something for his wife this time. He had a suggestion that required finding a nut to fit on the piece so we began looking but did not find one that would fit. I then remembered that the piece sticking out at home was larger with the grooves so the only logical thing was to go home and get the grinder that I had already dismanteled. This time I go back to local hardware store with my son carrying the grinder and I with a necklace for his wife. 

The following is a tutorial which is a solution to my lack of the ability to follow directions.

His idea was to build the buffer onto the ________ his name for the thing sticking out.

Take a washer and put it on.



Then you want to attach the metal piece that came with the buffing wheel. This photo shows the piece on already and  the other one for a visual.


Next put your buffing wheel on I put two on.


Then you will want to put another metal thing on.


Another washer.


And a bolt.


Make sure your bolt is tight I mean really tight. You may also want to make sure what ever you are attaching to table wise is cleaned off. This is not good!


There was stuff flying everywhere and that made me realize just how powerful this machine is. Be careful and follow proper safety instructions provided with your machine. Do not attach to your messy dining room table as damage may occur.


And always take care of your local hardware store guy’s wife!