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Texture Sheet Swap DONE!

September 30, 2012

Finally the texture sheet swap is over and I can share what I did and what others sent in with you. I am amazed that I have never thought in texture before and so happy this was the one chosen so I could.

Here are the sheets I got in the swap

These are some of my sheets and how I made them, a salt shaker.

A basket

A metal earring

And some dots with tools

Here are the swap participants











I hope you will consider joining in on the fun at city o clay. Next swap is dragons.





Carol Simmons part 1

October 29, 2011

The Carol Simmons 6 day polymer intensive workshop was the second class I attended ever in my life. It is with great fondness that I look at our class picture and will cherish the memories always. Thank you ladies, Carol and Maureen for making my claycation the best possible vacation I could ever have dreamed of having.

It was billed as an intermediate to advanced 6 day polymer intensive workshop. The class description was right on key as I do not think this class was suited for a beginer clayer. In order to obtain good results a general understanding of color, color mixing , basic caning and reducing is required.

Our class was well prepared and we had our clay already sheeted and were able to leach it fully the first day. I will admit that I did not follow the leaching process fully. By the end of the project I may have just grabbed some clay right out of the package and teacher could tell. She politely scolded me for it. I now understand why leaching is such an important part of the cane building process as hindsight is always 20/20.

This is my workstation on the morning of day 2. We began the day by making blends from templates that Carol provided us. Also learned was to look at cane construction in a new way. I soon began to realize that it did not really matter what I did with a cane  as long as the colors were in my scheme in the end it would look great.

I can not tell you how many times Carol would come over to the table and look at a blend or color I was mixing and say add this, or add a strip of that to it and the color would end up being exactly what was needed to fit the picture. My table mate and I called ourselves the remedial table and I am guessing that Carol could sense that my color mixing skills were lacking as this is something that indeed IS a challenge for me. Carol’s sense of color is amazing and she instinctively knows what you need to mix to get that perfect shade or hue to match your picture. You can see her true love of color in her many blog posts that are located here.

I was also amazed during her many demos when she would say “let’s see what happens if we do this!”. We would end up with a new cane like when we named Anne’s sperm cane. I really think that showed Carol’s love of clay, teaching, and more importantly learning from experience what can happen when you play with clay.

We worked for several days making blends, colors and canes. We also were able while working to get to know each other on a level that I do not believe I will ever have the opportunity to in a class again in my life. Honestly I just wanted to clay all day long and upon waking in the morning I just wanted to get to the workable as soon as I could to continue with the creative process. It was such a wonderful experience and I am so happy I was able to participate in the class.

Finally it was time to start our layout of our cane to see what we may be lacking in our construction. This for me was a heart wrenching experience. I had one of those fear moments I often speak of here on the blog. I looked at all the canes I had made and just did not know how in the heck I would put them together. I ended up after being paralyzed with fear bribing a classmate to do my layout. I am not naming any names here just admitting my lack of artistic umpah.

I will have the second part of the class post next week along with many pieces I have made with my cane slices. I am out of cane now since I made so many pieces for hubby to take to his family in Lebanon. Good part of it is that I need to make another cane for the ladies at the auctions that help hubby out daily with his job.

The other things to look forward to are the Colorful Ocean Creatures pictures that will be posted soon and Nora Jean Gatine’s workshop here in New England. I am off to enjoy the nor’easter we are experiencing here as it just started snowing yea!

Clay Swap

June 13, 2010


Thank god I am done with the Facebook Focus month. Not sure I will ever devote an entire month to a single topic again. By the time I go to the end of the month I was pretty much done with the whole thing. I did stick to the idea and learned I do not like focusing that much!

One other thing I learned is I am not the only one going through this and I have been so inspired by all who have contacted me to say that they have cut their time on the games to focus on what matters to them whether it is working on the garden, painting, or claying.

This week I am gearing up for the next clay swap at City O clay. I just love the swaps so much and I am always amazed at how talented and creative the participants are.  In case you missed it here is the post with pictures from the last swap.

This time the theme is a summer one and we are going to have the due date be Labor Day which is the official end of Summer.

I just hope that doing the swap for the extended time frame does not have people putting it off till the last-minute (because they think they have all summer they may not be motivated to start now) and then finding out they do not have time to complete it.

Voting is still going on so if you would like to join you are more than welcome.

You do have to be a member of City O Clay which is a Yahoo group that focuses on Polymer Clay. It is where I have hung my virtual polymer clay hat since January of 2007. I like the group because of its slow pace and wonderful relationships that I have formed. It may not be your cup o tea but I enjoy it and have had such fun participating in the swaps that have been hosted at the group.

My son has been working hard this last week on cleaning his room. He is getting rid of all the kid stuff and that means the room needs painting. Here is the before shot.

 The whole room was dark purple even the ceiling. The stars were stenciled in and there were glow in the dark ones haning from the ceiling. He had his name in glow in the dark stars and my husbands attempt at a spaceship. This worked great while he was a kid but now being a teenager it is time to go. So we have spent the weekend painting the purple took a few coats but I am so proud of the hard work he has put into it.

So excited hubby is coming home on Tuesday he has been gone since Mothers day and I am really looking forward to having him back at home safe and sound.  Also going on this week is my sons graduation he will be going to High School next year, I have the clayguild meeting on Saturday (not sure if I can make it or not), and Fathers Day on Sunday. So a busy week in front of me and I am looking forward to it all.

See ya next week!

Facebook Focus Month Cont.

May 14, 2010

Facebook Focus month continues with the way to set up a business page. It is very easy.

From your profile page go to the very bottom and click the advertising link.

This brings up the  Advertising page where you will click the pages button.

When you do that you will click on the create a page button.

Fill in the information. I am in the Artist category, and I am the official representative for my company so I do not the steps you will go through if you are not. Click create official page. And look what happens!

OMG how many clicks was that?? My page is created? Hmmm let me Edit my page.

This is what comes up when you do.

This is where you will add a profile picture and change settings and add the mobile aplications if you want them enabled. You can also set up an e commerce site on Facebook!

I had hoped to have that as the focus for next week but I have found a different site and liked the way the photos looked and the ease of site set up. The ones on Facebook are rather small and for my art I need for the items to be bigger quality pictures. So next week not sure what exactly the focus will be :).

The Regional Pendant swap is going great almost all the packages are here and the photographing is almost complete. I can not wait to show you guys the pictures!

You may remember this swap post…if not it is a real cool read and I am not just saying that. If you have not read it read the update first THEN read the post!

I called her today and she answered the phone. She agreed with me that her comming into the bank was meant to be  so she would come in, sit at my desk, and be freeken motivated!

Even though she just had a major operation she is painting for me, and her friends. She has already given some pieces away and I am so proud of her. Even better she has ideas for the projects she WANTS to do. She thanked me for getting her back to painting and not Quitting! Our swap date is set for about the third week of June and I am so excited I am going to finish her swap flower right now!

Swap Mistress

December 6, 2009

This week I am really thinking about the new swap duties acquired by me at City O Clay. I am thinking about it so much I had a dream about it (((okay so this was really a week and a half ago but I totally changed my page last week)).
In my dream I missed many of the people who signed up for the swap and some were very upset and left the group because of the fact I missed them. So after a lot of begging on my part most came back to the group and we were able to set up the different groups for the swap.

Then when the mailman was delivering my mail that had all the swap items which had been mailed to me by the swappers, it crashed. Okay so don’t ask me how in the heck ALL the swap items were in the same truck it was a dream okay?

So when the vehicle crashed it rolled over in the middle of the street and all the swap boxes were in the street. They had come out of the boxes and there were beads all over the street. It is a bead swap this time and so that is why there were beads everywhere. Again don’t ask me how they came out of the boxes when the mail truck rolled over in the middle of the street it is a dream.

The swap was cancelled and the beads were never recovered. They had been so badly damaged by cars rolling over them while they were in the street. The same people who I had begged to come back and join the swap quit the list again along with a lot of other people who were very upset and just could not understand how ALL the beads had been lost. They too could not figure out how beads being mailed in from all over the world at different times could all end up on the same truck. I KNOW I thought the same thing too.

First swap not due till January, but that dream gave me an idea that hopefully can be implemented with future swaps.

So what is in it for me? I am not really a selfish person but at my 40+ hour a week job that is one thing I always joke about “it’s all about me and how it affects me”.

I will tell you. I am so proud of my swappers I can not even put just how proud I am into words. They are having ideas running through their heads. They are sketching out on paper what they want to make out of clay for the swap. Questions are rolling in because they want to try a new technique that they have seen in a book or online.

In a nutshell I am like a proud parent. These are people I have never met and chances are I never will but I am so stinking proud of them all. I feel so proud of them and of myself because I am helping them realize the creativity that they have living inside of them.

I so want these swaps to be successful!