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February 27, 2011


Hubby is home and he always brings a little something with him when he returns. The past few years it has been something sparkly if business has been good and something not so sparkly if not. Either way whatever he brings me I am usually just happy to have him home snoring in bed which is where he belongs in the first place.

This time he brought a wonderful flower ring. I still can not figure out which way to wear it and am just amazed at how cool it looks on the hand. The only issue is that I am a firm believer in wearing my jewelry and not letting it sit in a box for a special occasion. If I did that the special occasion would never arise and when it did I would probably forget the wonderful piece I had been saving for said occasion.

So I get my new ring and promptly put it on my finger. Let me tell you it looks amazing!

I slept with it on and went to work the next day with it still on. Halfway through the day one of the bleeping petals broke off!

Now this is a piece of jewelry that I thought was to be a quality piece but now I am wondering what is quality exactly? The petal broke off within the first 24 hours of me putting it on my hand. Taking it to the store it was purchased from is not going to happen unless I want to fly to Lebanon which is where the piece was purchased. Do you think it is poor quality, design or materials? Or is it just me who should not be wearing said ring to work?

I know that when I make something to give to someone or sell the thing I tell them is I want to know when, where and how it breaks because I want to supply only quality items to my customers. I have also been known to wear a piece for a couple of days just to make sure it is constructed in a good manner. One wrong crimp and the necklace could break the first time you wear it I know because it has happened to me. Now I will admit it has been a while since that happened but still I want to make quality merchandise that can be worn without the fear of it breaking the first time you wear it.

What considerations do you have when designing a new line of jewelry? How do quality and functionality come into play with that decision? Is this something you are focused on when creating?

How do you deal with customers who have had a piece break on them? If this is not something you have thought about maybe you should?


Project 365 App Drawing

February 15, 2011


Happy Valentines Day!

The heart has special meaning to it and today is the day of all the days in the year for hearts. This heart has a special story and I thought today was the day to share it with you.

This was my attempt at a take on the water-color technique by Maggie Maggio. As I recal I cold not find the place I had saved the tutorial so I winged it and made sheets in blue which is my favorite color. This was the end result one blue bead.

This is my favorite bead ever made.  Well not this one of course when taking pictures I could not find my favorite one, just know that it looks way better than this one lol. I only have a few beads left because I made it into a necklace for a gift for a special friend. I of  have no picture of it to show you and one of the things on my to do list is to start taking more pictures. I loved it but forgot to write down what I did to get that sexy bead and when I went to recreate it in pink I just was not happy with the results.

Are we ever?

I did end up with a lovely bracelet! And I wanted to make a heart. I started by making a ball which I kept reshaping and reshaping to get a heart. I must have spent a half hour on this never being happy with the results.  Hubby came into the room to ask a question and I ask him if he thinks he could make a heart for me. He took the clay and within a few minutes (with me the entire time sitting there my mouth open) asks me if that is a good heart?

I told him I was so baking it as it was and not touching it. I was never going to sell it or give it to anyone. I said it was my heart made with his hands and I was never parting with it. It brings a smile to my face when I wear it which as a designer is all you could ever want an emotional attraction to a piece of art made by you. This time I got a little help.

If you recall I am announcing the winners of the Project 365 app today as my way of sharing the love. Here is the original post.

 I guess no one wanted to pay for the app and wait to be reimbursed because no one signed up. SAD FACE After contacting the artist I was given 5 promo codes to download the app for free. So the first 5 people who comment on this post will receive a code that will allow you to download the app for free. It is up and working again here is my snapshot of January so far.

Some wonderful memories there already in the month. On the first those are stop signs that you can barely see with all the snow. My son on the 3rd throwing panty hose filled with ice melt to hopefully melt the snow. The morning of the 4th we both agreed it looked like a teenage prank with all the black hose on the roof. On the 7th 2 of my managers trying to walk across a very icy parking lot I kept telling them that the first one who fell was defiantly going to be my picture of the day neither one of them fell thank god. The 10th my first car scratch and it is a bad one, the 11th was all about the news of Egypt and Mubarak stepping down. On the 13th my son keeps trying out wrestling moves on me so he jumps on top of me while I am in bed I make him freeze while I take the picture the whole time he is asking me “Is this your picture of the day? I will show you picture of the day!” 

It’s a really cool app first 5 that comment on this post get it free!

Clay Swap

June 13, 2010


Thank god I am done with the Facebook Focus month. Not sure I will ever devote an entire month to a single topic again. By the time I go to the end of the month I was pretty much done with the whole thing. I did stick to the idea and learned I do not like focusing that much!

One other thing I learned is I am not the only one going through this and I have been so inspired by all who have contacted me to say that they have cut their time on the games to focus on what matters to them whether it is working on the garden, painting, or claying.

This week I am gearing up for the next clay swap at City O clay. I just love the swaps so much and I am always amazed at how talented and creative the participants are.  In case you missed it here is the post with pictures from the last swap.

This time the theme is a summer one and we are going to have the due date be Labor Day which is the official end of Summer.

I just hope that doing the swap for the extended time frame does not have people putting it off till the last-minute (because they think they have all summer they may not be motivated to start now) and then finding out they do not have time to complete it.

Voting is still going on so if you would like to join you are more than welcome.

You do have to be a member of City O Clay which is a Yahoo group that focuses on Polymer Clay. It is where I have hung my virtual polymer clay hat since January of 2007. I like the group because of its slow pace and wonderful relationships that I have formed. It may not be your cup o tea but I enjoy it and have had such fun participating in the swaps that have been hosted at the group.

My son has been working hard this last week on cleaning his room. He is getting rid of all the kid stuff and that means the room needs painting. Here is the before shot.

 The whole room was dark purple even the ceiling. The stars were stenciled in and there were glow in the dark ones haning from the ceiling. He had his name in glow in the dark stars and my husbands attempt at a spaceship. This worked great while he was a kid but now being a teenager it is time to go. So we have spent the weekend painting the purple took a few coats but I am so proud of the hard work he has put into it.

So excited hubby is coming home on Tuesday he has been gone since Mothers day and I am really looking forward to having him back at home safe and sound.  Also going on this week is my sons graduation he will be going to High School next year, I have the clayguild meeting on Saturday (not sure if I can make it or not), and Fathers Day on Sunday. So a busy week in front of me and I am looking forward to it all.

See ya next week!

Final Facebook Post

June 7, 2010


The month of May has come to an end and so has the Facebook Focus part of the blog.  One of the things I wanted to do was to make you aware of how wonderful and positive an experience it can be.  However many of us are dragged into the games and we just click away wasting time.

Some days that can be what we need but unfortunately most  times it takes us away from other more productive things we could be doing.

Lets start by looking at the information gained from the poll that was posted.

Most of us joined so we could be closer to friends and family. We have been members for 6 months to a year.  An overwhelming majority have about 200 friends with at least 25 of them we have no idea who they are or how we found each other. My guess it is to be neighbors in some silly game. Over 80% of us play at least one game on Facebook and  100% have considered quitting it. Most of us spend 2 to 3 hours a day on the site.

I joined Facebook for marketing and to be closer with friends and family. I got dragged into Farmville and have taken a few friends with me. I have had fun at times playing Farmville. One of my fondest memories is going to a close friends house to play Farmville. The first time there were three of us on our laptops and we were joking and laughing while playing. Just getting set up was a riot trying to find enough electrical outlets so we all could plug-in was a group effort that had us laughing at ourselves and technology. With one story of an older person who was playing and kept storing her items in her barn without realizing what she was doing we were laughing so hard I literally almost pissed my pants.

Then there were the times when hubby would be in one room and shout out “Do you need cowbells? I just found an extra stash of them”. There were times that we would synchronize the trading in of valentines, gold, or eggs so the other could benefit. There were times when hubby would see something that was being offered by someone and remark that he did not have a chance to claim because so and so or someone else was online.  We laughed at times when things in life had us thinking that maybe we would not be able to find humor in anything. We had our son telling us more than once that we needed to get a life because of Farmville.

I have not been tending to the farm, or sending and claiming gifts because I have realized just how much time I wasted on that silly silly game. I do every once in a while use a farm hand to take care of all the animals, I guess it is nostalgia and me knowing that if I do delete the game I will not have a chance to experience these silly moments again. Some of them were fun but honestly most seem like another job which I do not need in my life right now.

So to my Farmville (or insert your favorite game here) friends I am not really playing anymore because I just have other things I would rather do with Facebook than waste my days on games.

If you too would like to quit being a slave to games just don’t click…..go for a walk, read a book, scream at your kids or hubby, take a nap. Do something you love instead of being a slave to a game that in the whole scheme of life does not matter.

GET AND STAY PRODUCTIVE!!! And remember how many clicks it takes to play your game and how you could be clicking for a more productive cause. I am gearing up for the next clay swap if you want to check it out come on by the Yahoo Group…….

City O Clay

Project 365

March 20, 2010


I got a new phone and one of the apps available for it is project 365 the one I have is free you can buy one for .99. 

How to take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way. 

So of course I had to download it and try it out. Took a few days to remember I had downloaded it. 

Then the first picture I was going to take was of course when I dropped the phone and accidently took a picture. I figured it was a great first picture I mean it could only get better right? 





Next day I forgot to take it till I was at home and fought with hubby to take one of him. 

Next day was March 16th. Which was when I realized I had started with the wrong date so I did not have to use hubby’s picture which would make him happy. 


Since we have had record flooding in the area while working at the drive up I thought a great picture would be to take one of the big puddle in the field. On the way home from work I decided to go to one of the dams close by our house. I had to go pick my son up from the gym and started driving to our destination. You can see that picture in the header of this post. Problem is after driving to the dam and taking pictures with both the camera (son) and my phone (me) I had not saved the pictures to my phone so the only picture I had was the blurry one on the phone. Not even going to try to get that to the phone so I will use the puddle field pic for today. 

One of the games I play that he loves to try not to play but always gives in with a guess or two or ten depending on his mood, is to start driving and have him guess where we are going. 

I told him he would never get it in a million years and after a mile or two of arguing the guesses started. Since he was playing I gave him hints and he guessed and guessed until we were there and even when we were he did not understand where we were going. 

While looking at the dam together tonight and having an almost conversation with him I realized I was really going to like this project 365 thing. I could not help comparing the water flowing over the dam like my art just flowing and flowing out of control. But that is another post for another day! 


Thursday was hubbies new toy for a couple of months. 


Friday’s pic of the day a damsel in distress. She locked her keys in the car and thankfully some guys helped us because the plastic coat hanger I had was not going to help. 

Are their going to be days I am going to forget? Of course  and those days I will focus on staging photos for jewelry designs SCORE for ideas and an a+ in the learning department. The rest of the days will be spent photographing my surroundings and my family. 

I am sure there will be a couple of days that neither one of my housemates will want a picture taken of them and they will put their hands in their faces. I will either leave it there or take something else. I do think that they will bring it up as the weeks and months pass. Both of them individually suggested a picture of the day to me this week but I liked my picture that day better. I HAD to have green on ST Patty’s day and could not replace hubby’s new toy :). 

Since I love pictures so much I really am going to like the idea of being able to open a page and see 30 days in my life at a glance, with the capability of scrolling through the months. I mean anyone can do it these days with the mobility of the camera phone. You always have your phone with you every day but you do not always have your camera with you! 

I urge you to try it and see where it takes you with your art! 




December 20, 2009

This is what it looks like outside my window today.

With a view like that you may wonder why in the heck I am posting about flowers.

Hubby has a special lady at the auctions that takes care of him real good. Last year she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and I wanted to make a special pink rose to show how much we care about her.

I have been a flower making fool just trying to get a good flower made for her.

First I tried with the circle cutters I had on hand. That did not work so I orderded some from Clay Alley  this woman has great customer service and her shipping is errily fast.

Okay I got my rose cutter set from Clay Alley superfast now I just needed to sit down and make some roses.

I made so many stinking roses that I ended up turning them into christmas ornaments. The looked good but just not exactly what I wanted to have my special rose look like.

So I made some more…..

Better, still just not right.

What I learned is that it is very important to see whether the petal is above the next one or under it. The rows make a difference as well. One row may need the petals one way and the next may be just the exact opposite way. Another thing I learned is cussing helps not only to make it look right but to ease your frustrations. I have never cussed so many roses in my life. The cussing must have worked because look what I made just for her. She will get the sexiest one there. And now I know how to make a rose.

Dang I am good!


March 6, 2009

This week I do not want to talk about clay ……just show you a picture of a cane.


This week for me is about family and how important it is in each and every one of our lives. My husband has been out of the country for almost 2 months now and I really miss him. I am excited because today he told me he will be home next Sat. He went to be with family for a much needed visit and he was visiting his sister when she had a mild stroke. He was able to be with her to give her love a nd support which honestly the best gift he could have ever given her. Family is so important I want you all to remember that. Love them because in an instant it could be gone.
Children bring a special twist to the whole family. My son now is at an age where he just wants me to give him money and drop him off /pick up from someplace. I miss the days when we could just sit and hug each other on the couch now I am lucky to get him to sit in the same room and watch tv. He would much rather sit in his room alone even if we are watching the same program. Every age has its stage is a quote that stuck in my mind and boy is it true.
So for me the next week is all about family I will be anxiously awaiting my husband’s safe return and trying to finish up a couple of projects . I really miss him snoring in the bed, leaving his socks everywhere, getting in the kitchen and directing me in my cooking, I really miss him.
Love your family!
Call or visit your mom, sister, brother, or best friend. Who knows they may inspire your art!