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Slow Clay Week

August 29, 2011

This week for us in the Northeast it has all been about hurricane preparedness. Everyone went crazy at the stores buying what they thought they would need and got ready to batten down the hatches for a monumental storm. In our house that meant bringing in the Gardenias. I walk by them every day and I never really notices how large the leaves were on this one.

It was almost dead last year and somehow this guy brought it back to better than perfect health.

How often do you feel almost dead with your creations? You feel like nothing new can come from your hands or what does is not good enough. What is it that inspires you as an artist to create things or go places you have never gone before? What makes you grow?

For me one of the great motivating things I have participated in the last couple of years are the swaps at City O Clay. This time it is Colorful Ocean Creatures and for a while I was stumped at what to make. Last week I finally got some inspiration and am running with it!

Of course it is all top-secret until the swap is over but I think my entry if I can perfect it will be a great contribution.

What have you done that has challenged your art?

Or even better what will you do to let your art grow off the charts the way hubby’s gardenia has.


Emotional Roller Coaster

July 26, 2011

Art and creating art is such an emotional roller coaster sometimes. In the last week I have gone from feeling that I have the touch (I mean I really have the touch), to sitting at the table and feeling that nothing good is going to come from my fingers for a while.

Why does one do that to themselves?

I have been on a flower kick that has evolved from making a flower cane to a full-blown let’s make a bleeping flower. Not realizing that as I took baby steps to learn to make say a skinner blend, that it would take baby steps for creating flowers.

So I started with a simple daisy.

Next was the Lily that did not go well.

Since the lily did not go well I decided to go back to the book and do another flower. I tried a Dogwood I ended up making several different thicknesses (gotta find the right one) and different hair thingies.

I made some smaller flowers.

Another unsuccessful lily attempt this time times two.

Back to the book I go with some Orchids.

Another lily! At this point the lily’s are really pissing me off so I decide to make a bracelet that I had in mind for a while. I needed a flower break.

While doing the exercises I focused not on the color of the flower (you can tell from the orchid that it was conditioned scrap clay) but on the creation and technique needed to master for building the flower.

Never in my life did I think I would be using florist tape and wrapping flowers but you know what I really think I could begin to like this new way of creating. I love the orchid that is built petal by petal and all of them are able to move since they are on wire. Here is another lily attempt. Look at the next two examples and realize that they are the same flower with the wires bent a little.

I know there is a lot of frustration on my part that will cease once I master the technique. I can only hope I have the time and patience to become a flower master!


July 21, 2011

I have not fallen off the clay chair on the way to the pasta machine I have been playing with flowers. They are wearable art for your hair.

Tonight I think I am going to try a Lilly.

Ugly Cane Makes a Cute Flower

March 13, 2011

Is this my best flower cane? No but I was finally able to sit at the clay table and I will take what I can get lol. Spring is almost here and I felt like making a flower cane. So when I was finally able to sit at my claytable I opened the drawer where I store my conditioned Kato and I found this cane that was a mistake I made while working on a color exercise from the Color Inspirations book by Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio.

Instead of making a new flower I decided to use what I had to make a new flower. I have learned in the past that a cane that you may not like by itself takes on new life when combined or reduced in a new way. So I started reducing and combining and came up with this.

Add a little silver fill in and viola you get a sexy flower cane.

Once reduced I was able to make some beads, a new ring ball for my interchangeable ring, and some Pandora style beads.

The only setback was the time it took to put the individual cane slices on the beads. Then I remembered that if I cut them and left them the way they were it was easier to apply on the bead then if I had laid them out on the table.

One of the other things I was surprised at was how little cane waste I had.

Once I have more time to sit and play I really think I will be happy with the decision to move to Kato Clay. I love the way it works and with the clay softener and the food processor it is so easy to condition the clay now. I wish I  would have made this decision a long time ago.

Even though you may not have a lot of time to devote to your art it is so nice to sit down at the clay table and create even if it is using up old canes that you have messed up on. From an ugly cane you can get a beautiful flower if you have the time and patience!

Get up and go clay!


February 27, 2011


Hubby is home and he always brings a little something with him when he returns. The past few years it has been something sparkly if business has been good and something not so sparkly if not. Either way whatever he brings me I am usually just happy to have him home snoring in bed which is where he belongs in the first place.

This time he brought a wonderful flower ring. I still can not figure out which way to wear it and am just amazed at how cool it looks on the hand. The only issue is that I am a firm believer in wearing my jewelry and not letting it sit in a box for a special occasion. If I did that the special occasion would never arise and when it did I would probably forget the wonderful piece I had been saving for said occasion.

So I get my new ring and promptly put it on my finger. Let me tell you it looks amazing!

I slept with it on and went to work the next day with it still on. Halfway through the day one of the bleeping petals broke off!

Now this is a piece of jewelry that I thought was to be a quality piece but now I am wondering what is quality exactly? The petal broke off within the first 24 hours of me putting it on my hand. Taking it to the store it was purchased from is not going to happen unless I want to fly to Lebanon which is where the piece was purchased. Do you think it is poor quality, design or materials? Or is it just me who should not be wearing said ring to work?

I know that when I make something to give to someone or sell the thing I tell them is I want to know when, where and how it breaks because I want to supply only quality items to my customers. I have also been known to wear a piece for a couple of days just to make sure it is constructed in a good manner. One wrong crimp and the necklace could break the first time you wear it I know because it has happened to me. Now I will admit it has been a while since that happened but still I want to make quality merchandise that can be worn without the fear of it breaking the first time you wear it.

What considerations do you have when designing a new line of jewelry? How do quality and functionality come into play with that decision? Is this something you are focused on when creating?

How do you deal with customers who have had a piece break on them? If this is not something you have thought about maybe you should?



December 20, 2009

This is what it looks like outside my window today.

With a view like that you may wonder why in the heck I am posting about flowers.

Hubby has a special lady at the auctions that takes care of him real good. Last year she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and I wanted to make a special pink rose to show how much we care about her.

I have been a flower making fool just trying to get a good flower made for her.

First I tried with the circle cutters I had on hand. That did not work so I orderded some from Clay Alley  this woman has great customer service and her shipping is errily fast.

Okay I got my rose cutter set from Clay Alley superfast now I just needed to sit down and make some roses.

I made so many stinking roses that I ended up turning them into christmas ornaments. The looked good but just not exactly what I wanted to have my special rose look like.

So I made some more…..

Better, still just not right.

What I learned is that it is very important to see whether the petal is above the next one or under it. The rows make a difference as well. One row may need the petals one way and the next may be just the exact opposite way. Another thing I learned is cussing helps not only to make it look right but to ease your frustrations. I have never cussed so many roses in my life. The cussing must have worked because look what I made just for her. She will get the sexiest one there. And now I know how to make a rose.

Dang I am good!