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What Do You Like Dislike About Your Workspace?

March 6, 2012

Yes I asked it? The question what do you like / dislike about your workspace?

Don’t answer the question unless you are going to be honest with your self and your art and change what is in your power to change. Not everything can be changed that you do not like but you owe it to yourself to change what you can so you have a space that you can feel good in and create the wonderful art that you know you can.

One of the best things I like is that I can do it!

Not all of my attempts are perfect and my claytime is limited but you know what I did it and learned along the way which for me is very fulfilling. One of my other favorite loves is to teach others with how to’s which have led to many tutorials on my blog and being published two times in the Polymer Cafe Magazine.

While thinking of the things I love about my work space I remembered that I love that I can wheel from the pasta machine to the work surface with the chair I got a couple of years ago at a thrift store. It is the little things that make me happy sometimes and I really love that I can wheel between the two and I do it all the time. :).

I love these drawers! I got them one day while returning from dropping off my son they were put out with the garbage. Half of the drawers had tools in them still. And to think I did not want to go get son that day and I was very upset with him telling him he was lazy for not walking on such a nice day. Score for crazy mom.

I love that I have a space that is all mine. I do not really remember how or when it happened but that room is now all me and my art. Guests sleep in my sons room not the extra bedroom anymore. I will have to ask hubby what he remembers of it all that should be a fun conversation.

I love the fact that I now tell hubby what I want for gifts and get some cool tools. Mothers day is coming and mama wants a new high-speed buffer baby is what I told hubby last week. I am looking forward to moving into the basement so I can have room to properly use and store my tools.

I love the fact that sometime in the next year god willing I will be able to have as much time as I want with my art as I plan on retiring soon. What a wonderful feeling.

What do I hate?

I hate that currently I do not have the time I want and need to spend on my art. I can see how I will really enjoy this when it happens and how my creative side will come out and play for real.

I hate that I get scared when my work table is clean. Is this why we leave it so messy? I hate looking at it empty and not knowing exactly what I want to do next. I love what comes off the table once I work through the block when it happens but boy when it is going on it is weird to stare at the empty table.

I hate the piles under the workable. I mean they work in my current space but I lose an entire table that could be used for creation because I have crap on top of and under it. Goal for next workspace is clean floors like so clean I can sweep them when I want to with out moving crap.

I have a love hate relationship with my drawers. I hate it when I go looking for something and it is either not in the drawer it should be in or I misfiled it in my mind. Recently I looked for a while for something and when I found it the place made sense just not while I was looking for it. With as many drawers as I have you can look for a while before you find it.

I hate not finishing so many projects. But I do love it when I revisit the project and it turns out better because of some special touch I have learned by doing other things. I look forward to finishing more projects in the coming year it will be fun.

I hate the fact that I am going to retire and concentrate my efforts on this art thing. I know it is on the love side too but it is a scary idea quitting your job and spending your time creating. Not sure how to fix this one……….time will tell.

So what is it that you love hate about your workspace? More important what are you going to do to change it?

Findings In Clay

February 19, 2011

Ok so I hope you get the pun. I over the last year or so have really focused on finding findings that can be used successfully with clay. I forgot where I had stashed them and ended up labeling the  drawer ( I was sure it was empty because it did not have a handle) where I had stashed them. Now let us see what the heck is in there and what I have made from some of my findings. If I have kept track of my purchases I will also tell you where I got the item.

These are some of the reasons I felt I needed to find finishes to work with clay. They look great but just were not finished enough for me. Some old stuff I loved the black and white one and wear it often.

A really cool recent discovery of mine has been eyelets you can get these anywhere and they come in different shapes, sizes and colors.

You can totally skip the eyelets but get a look that can be worn with Pandora bracelets with these babies I found at Fire Mountain Gems. Can’t find the two beads I made with them 😦 you get the idea.

One of the easiest way to finish a bead is to use a bead cap. I have a few of those lying around and here are  some of  my coolest that were part of a Quest bead buy with Beads and More.

I used these jumprings from Vira Murano (they are the best) they are called snapeze and go together magically to make this rear view mirror thingie for a dear friend.

Halstead beads has some cool tops and bottoms. Problem is I can’t find the cool tops they are in some little bag that is not in the right place but here is an example of another top that is similar.

These are hooks that I really like and I even saved the size of them you can get them at any hardware store.

And a few items made with them.

These are what I call pads I first saw them at an open house for artists this artist was a glass maker.

And some pads in action.

Wire always looks amazing. This was my failed attempt at wire wrapping bad and making my own clasp good.

Here are some packs I am not 100% sure if I am coating only the front or encasing in clay.

This is my best find ever and I mean it.

They are called interchangables and I had tried to buy the ring on Etsy. The seller contacted me and said she was no longer able to provide that to me so sorry etc… I posted a link to the ring and someone on Beads and More found the supplier and set up a quick buy. We got a great discount (50% as I recall) and within 4 hours the Quick Buy got over 3k in orders. So not only did I get the ring but got an interchangable necklace as well.

You have a different design on each side…..

And of course each piece has to have a matching ring…these are the ones I could find to photograph quickly.

That is what is in my finding drawer (at least what I can find) what is in yours???

Project 365 Pro App Drawing

January 22, 2011

This week it is not about the clay but rather an app that is near and dear to my heart. If you don’t want to see way to much of family and my day-to-day life then stop reading now. Another thing I am surprised about is how the topic turned to art and being creative if I just take the moment to look.

If you follow the blog you know my favorite app is Project 365. The tagline is take a picture a day and see your life in a whole new way. Here are a few of my pictures of the day in the last 11 months and the stories of course to go with them.

I have to start with the first one. New Phone I am in bed playing with it and the app, I tried to take a picture and upload it to make sure I could indeed use such app, when the phone fell out of my hands while taking the picture. I decided that if I could upload successfully and use the app daily it could only go uphill from there. Boy did it ever :).

Hubby made shakes one day and they were truly a work of art. Picture of the day and new picture when hubby calls me. Several times a week when he calls I of course answer by saying before anything “hey baby whats shaken?” All because of Project 365 (sniff sniff).

My son using my clean work table to make a duct tape wallet. Turned out pretty good but he wouldn’t let me take one of it completed.

Hubby on his birthday. Doesn’t he look like he wants to start trouble? A kid at heart always.

My first Clay Swap Mailing last year.

This is the first time family members other than hubby and son referred to the app. As family from Vermont was leaving the driveway I was snapping a photo and one of them rolled down the window and asked if that was my picture of the day? They loved looking at my pictures of the day that I had taken so far for the year.

I knew it would not take long for my son to refuse to allow him to be my picture of the day.

Sometime in the last 10 days my Project 365 app stopped working. I was having withdrawal I needed to take my picture of the day. I had taken one and seen my life in a whole new way. I gave it a couple of days…still taking my picture and knowing that one day soon I would just be able to go back and fill it in (one of the great features of the app by the way). I mean everyone forgets every once in a while. I gave it as long as I could then e-mailed the support e-mail provided.

I got a really nice response from the company they said that the updates were complete and it would again be available in the app store. There was more in the e-mail I will give you my impression of it.

I felt like the individual was an artist. I sit with my clay and beads and findings, he sits with his computer creating a work of art for the world to either embrace or not. How many times have you just been so scared, tired, wanted to give up a project because it just was not turning out right or not being received in the way you thought it should.How many hours have you spent at your work table and you did not like what came off of it no matter how hard you tried?

 How many times in life do we hit that wall?

More important how do we get past the wall?

Now this is so frustrating because I have the perfect picture to illustrate getting over the wall and being successful but I can not access the app to find out who these 5 Superbowl Rings belong to I forgot. You see the app is available but they are working through bugs with the program that arose in January. I am waiting for the technical issues to be resolved. I know they will because of the dedication the team has.

Another success was the night when I won first place in the TDBank bowling night.

These puzzle pieces were a great success. It took a few trips to Home Depot to get the right metal for the shaping.

This is one that was not so successful. Hubby tried to make a water thing instead of buying the one seen on tv (and in Home Depot).

This one is more crazy than successful. It is Roseanne at the end of the year party for her son. She said at one point there had to have been more than 50 of them there. I wanted to get all the kids in the yard but we decided it may be better just her since they are teenagers.

If you have an I phone  I highly recommend you get this app. You will be amazed at how it will become part of your everyday life. They have the free version and the pro account.

Use it while you are out and about in your daily life. You will be able to look back at the memories. This one is of the Taco Bell employee at the drive in window. I took a picture of her……explaining to son why not it will make her happy and smile why not come on she will like it.  We got home, no nachos in the bag. Son of course said that was what I got for taking her picture. He still reminds me about that one every once in a while. Project 365!

How often in life do you get to see a Scooby Doo Van?

Beer and Cigarettes anyone?

Internet connection?

While hubby was out-of-town and could not see the flowers blooming I took pictures of the day for him to see all of his hard work.

Almost every picture taken has been taken with the intention of using it for the picture of the day. I am sure some of them would not have been taken if Project 365 did not exist. I highly recommend you get this app if you have an I Phone.

I can not wait for them to get the bugs fixed so I  can have access to this wonderful app again. I know they will do it and getting a lot of queries because of its popularity while working through the issues.

There are so many more pictures.

Lady Ga Ga.

Sons first time eating Sushi.

Playing Farmville with Roseanne and Wendy we laughed so hard we literally almost wet our pants. I am proud to say I have quit!

The time I learned my son likes the inside of french bread and I like the outside.

All the pictures of the day from Lebanon especially the lower grotto and the eggs in the light.

U Save Rent A Car.

Dallas Cowboys tickets.

I have some wonderful memories of my Son. His first day of High School.

Sons first time driving my car in the parking lot.

The time he told me he does not like Kebabs which is all we eat when we bbq.

His memorable grocery list.

The time when he found a 5 lb bag of Tater Tots and insisted that was the picture of the day.

I could go on and on and  but I think the best way for you to know how great of an app it is will be to let you  try it for yourself. There will be a drawing and 5 individuals who would like the app will be able to get the Pro Version as a gift from me. Let it change 5 lives if it can not be a part of mine until the bugs are fixed. I am taking my picture still and will go back and fill in when they are fixed.


1. You must have an I Phone.

2. You must know how to use said I Phone.

3. You need a  valid Pay Pal account as it is the preferred method of payment.

4. You will receive confirmation that you are a winner and then when you provide proof of payment you will be reimbursed via Pay Pal. You must purchase the app and then will be refunded within 5 to 7 business days.

  5. Drawing will be held February 14 2011 as my way of sharing the love :).

To enter in the drawing simply leave a comment on this post.

The importance of the right supplies

May 1, 2010

I have a bad cold or allergies not sure which one going to see the doctor tomorrow. I did not have time or energy this week to even think of a blog post so here is my failed attempt at what I thought would be a quick tutorial.

I found the project here….

and thought heck that should be easy to do. I do not have burma cord (or even know exactly what it is) but I could substitute and be creative what could go wrong???

So here are my supplies as I try to replicate it.

Using pony tail holders for burma cord, what looks like the metal things she uses, and the other assorted items. From the looks of that quick cane I am sick do you see how I did not even get the center right? Oh well it will look cool on something.

I started by trying to cut off the end of my metal thing with my Heavy cutters. That did not go well at all I made dings in them.

Those are my good cutters for heavy-duty stuff! Okay so I will try to smoosh the end down and then cover with clay. Got to remember to cut at an angle so it sticks better.

The pony tail holders are too big to fit in my metal thingie. I have some thinner black cord I can use. The thin cord works got it centered now just to make sure it smooshes.

Smooshing did not go well with the metal thingies I have. Hmmmm I guess that is my clue to remember to have the right supplies when I want to try something or else it probably will not work. I am sure trying when I feel better would also be a step in the right direction.

So when was the last time you tried a project and it did not work not because of your abilities but because you did not have the right supplies? I am off to bed with a cup of hot tea and some cough drops very thankful I have the weekend off to get feeling better. I look forward to the tutorial next issue so I can find out where to get the cord, and those metal thingies.

Night all!

Project 365

March 20, 2010


I got a new phone and one of the apps available for it is project 365 the one I have is free you can buy one for .99. 

How to take a photo a day and see your life in a whole new way. 

So of course I had to download it and try it out. Took a few days to remember I had downloaded it. 

Then the first picture I was going to take was of course when I dropped the phone and accidently took a picture. I figured it was a great first picture I mean it could only get better right? 





Next day I forgot to take it till I was at home and fought with hubby to take one of him. 

Next day was March 16th. Which was when I realized I had started with the wrong date so I did not have to use hubby’s picture which would make him happy. 


Since we have had record flooding in the area while working at the drive up I thought a great picture would be to take one of the big puddle in the field. On the way home from work I decided to go to one of the dams close by our house. I had to go pick my son up from the gym and started driving to our destination. You can see that picture in the header of this post. Problem is after driving to the dam and taking pictures with both the camera (son) and my phone (me) I had not saved the pictures to my phone so the only picture I had was the blurry one on the phone. Not even going to try to get that to the phone so I will use the puddle field pic for today. 

One of the games I play that he loves to try not to play but always gives in with a guess or two or ten depending on his mood, is to start driving and have him guess where we are going. 

I told him he would never get it in a million years and after a mile or two of arguing the guesses started. Since he was playing I gave him hints and he guessed and guessed until we were there and even when we were he did not understand where we were going. 

While looking at the dam together tonight and having an almost conversation with him I realized I was really going to like this project 365 thing. I could not help comparing the water flowing over the dam like my art just flowing and flowing out of control. But that is another post for another day! 


Thursday was hubbies new toy for a couple of months. 


Friday’s pic of the day a damsel in distress. She locked her keys in the car and thankfully some guys helped us because the plastic coat hanger I had was not going to help. 

Are their going to be days I am going to forget? Of course  and those days I will focus on staging photos for jewelry designs SCORE for ideas and an a+ in the learning department. The rest of the days will be spent photographing my surroundings and my family. 

I am sure there will be a couple of days that neither one of my housemates will want a picture taken of them and they will put their hands in their faces. I will either leave it there or take something else. I do think that they will bring it up as the weeks and months pass. Both of them individually suggested a picture of the day to me this week but I liked my picture that day better. I HAD to have green on ST Patty’s day and could not replace hubby’s new toy :). 

Since I love pictures so much I really am going to like the idea of being able to open a page and see 30 days in my life at a glance, with the capability of scrolling through the months. I mean anyone can do it these days with the mobility of the camera phone. You always have your phone with you every day but you do not always have your camera with you! 

I urge you to try it and see where it takes you with your art!