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2 Sides of Art

April 10, 2011


It has been a while since I posted about Art Musings but this week I just have to revisit the subject. You may remember this post if not it is a fun read about what I went through to get clean dirt.

This whole idea stems from the book Art & Fear Observations on the perils (and rewards) of Artmaking. The idea is that art has two mindsets.

With the recent Rock Purse Swap I was lucky enough to receive a wonderful green rock purse. The first thing I saw was the color green, the wonderful craftmanship, and the playfulness of the artist. I am only showing you the inside because we still have to wait a few more days in the hopes that the international participants get theirs before I go on vacation. I will post all pictures one day this week.

I have to wear green to work every Friday and so my first thought was I have a new Friday necklace Yea for me! I was next drawn to the wonderful craftmanship as all the features looked perfect. I as the art admirer was drawn to the nose and mouth area because they looked so perfect and real. I also loved the way the rock purse was joined at the seams. It was not a straight line but rather one that had a wonderfully fitted point. The playfulness came out with the wonderful treat on her nose.

The artist started with a lucky find of THE PERFECTLY SHAPED ROCK that only has one imperfection at an end. The artist intends to take great care of her special rock as it really is the one to make rock purses of this style out of. Her challenges making the rock purse were the release, and time. She began by using Pearlex as her release but later switched to Armour All and got great results. At times while using the Pearl Ex the clay would not form to the rock in a pleasing manner but the switch to Armour All allowed her to form the clay tightly to the rock without the fear of the shell breaking while removing it from the rock.

My purse was the second version where she intentionally made him (yes her vision is a him) with his eyes looking up at the owner waiting for the okay to eat the treat on his nose. The whole time she is making him she knows his eyes are looking at her waiting for the okay to eat the treat this astonishes me as the art receiver. I never once thought about the eyes and I feel bad about that. You know I will look at the eyes now first thing and of course point it out to my customers on Friday at my desk at work.

So in a nutshell you have it whether it is finding clean dirt ( I was so crazy heck I still am) or the BOY puppy waiting for the okay to eat a treat. Art has two mindsets!

Have you ever taken the time as an artist to see that and embrace it?

Thank You Tory Hughes!

August 22, 2010

No I am not just using her name to get hits on my blog I really mean it. 

I have been away from my claytable for months now, only two but it seems like a lot longer than that believe me. Life stepped in as it always does sometimes, vacation, computer crash, good things and bad all mixed in along with the laundry and a 40 hour a week job at Americas most convenient bank! 

Even though I often speak about focus and art in my blog  I lost it. 

Look at an earlier post about focus I spent a whole month just talking about Facebook and how we could use it for productive means not just playing games. I have kicked the Farmville habit and blocked the games successfully yea for me. 

I talked about how you can find it in your art and not be a quitter 

I just wasted a half an hour looking at old posts so I am getting myself back on track by saying that as much as I talk about focus and art I have just lost the way. I needed Tory to inspire me to get back to the art table. 

She has a Face Book page and that is where the shout out came to get a Focus handout from her. Not only did she send it but I had requested by my phone and she out of the kindness of her heart found my e-mail and sent it to me. Since computer time is limited for me at home it took me days to even open it. When I did she kicked me in the butt with the first sentence. 

• A lack of focus most often arises from an unwillingness to prioritize and stick with




I will not go into what her hand out says that is for you to request from her and be inspired by her but I will tell you what that first sentence made me do finally after over 1.5 years. 

There is a wonderful project (I think so anyway) that I want to have published in a magazine but every obstacle that could have has stood in my way. I could not figure out how to do it for months, then when I finally did and tumbled it I ruined the project and had to start all over again. My computer crashed when I had the article almost finished and had to do it all over again since I had no saved disk and lost it all. All that is left to send to the publisher is two pictures that need to be taken and it has been two months and they are still not taken. 

That first sentence made me get up and go take the damn pictures and attach the article that was finished months ago and click send. 

Thank you Tory Hughes! 

Please be inspired by her and remember that whatever it is you want in life can be achieved if you believe in yourself and stick to it. Find your path to success and stick to it. The rewards will be immense and the amount of pride in yourself for accomplishing your goal will be great as well. 

You deserve it remember that YOU DESERVE IT. So do it for you because it will never happen if you are doing it for someone else. 

If you would like to be inspired by Tory here is her website 

Enjoy and remember you deserve it!

New Blog Direction

November 23, 2009


I just can’t figure out what to do. I mean I think I am a writer and dont have the time to write what I want. There are so many things that I have not written about that have happened since I started this blog. What the heck how am I going to be able to do it?

Discipline I guess is the key hunh? And you can add a little Focus? Dont forget the family that always gets in the way? And Life of course.


So I guess I will do a quick top 3 lately!

  1. Clay Swaps at City O Clay
  2. Polymer Clay Cafe
  3. Tumbler Working



So I became swap mistress at City O Clay. A lot of work but honestly the first swap is not completed and I am getting more out of it than the clayers I think. I am so happy that my hard work is translating into their hard work! Nothing could make a mama clayer happier than others having ideas and needing to GET THEM ON PAPER before they forget. Or being inspired by trying a new technique even if they are not new to clay. This is something that has taken a great deal of my time the last few weeks but I can see this is something I really am going to get a lot out of.


Polymer Clay Cafe published one of my how to articles in their April 09 edition. This was a natasha bead that had a cool checkerboard pattern on the outer parts of the bead. For me that was so cool being a published artist. Whoda thunkit? I really love writing articles and plan on writing the next one over the Thanksgiving weekend if I have the camera then. Cant wait to try I am very excited about this next article. First time do you know that I forgot to include any contact information. Always remember they print what you send so make sure you send it all the first time.


I have a working tumbler now it is so nice. The first time I used the tumbler after purchasing I did not line it and the clay turned black. It just so happened the item in the tumbler was the next project for Polymer Cafe. Life is funny sometimes.


So I guess even though I want to write longer more involved posts I must shorten them so I can start a subject and finish. No more of this follow-up stuff. I will have to work out in my mind how to tell you something two months from now that is happening today because I just didnt have time.