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Next Swap Covered Tins

May 23, 2011

The following is the Covered Tin Swap announctment at City O Clay an online polymer community.  You will find several sites and videos to learn how to cover a tin it is pretty basic when you think about it. This leads to the question of a tutorial as was done with the rock purse tutorial.

I had a lot of fun doing it and it added to my online  polymer clay tutorials. With a tin I do not know if I have anything that I could add to it that has not already been done. I mean am I just going to be saying and showing what has already been done? How can I make it uniqe and MINE? Would anyone even want to see another tin tut? I will have to mull this one over for a while because I have to think of a cane to make sheets  wooo hooo!

Okay wait a minute I just went back and really read the rock purse tutorial…… read what I said months ago. Why am I still doubting my craft?

I mean what could my tut be that has not already been done, do I have anything new to say or do that has not been already seen? When I realized that was the fear in me talking (I could list 10 reasons for why not) I got over myself and just did it. I can tell you there were a couple of times I sat there looking at my clay table, or just after I messed up a step (mess up kept in BTW) I could have quit but did not. I encourage you to face your fear and just try something, anything you would not normally do. The sense of accomplishment you will feel will give you the power to succeed in life no matter what you try. As my clay mentor Nj says Baby Steps.

Now that I have worked out my artist issues here are some tin links!

Soooo you want to cover tins hunh? Well
let us think of a few things before getting too inspired by links of
others’ work or the crazy ideas already running in your head.

We will be sending these to the swap
mistress in a SMALL PRIORITY box so you will need a tin or tins that
will fit into said box. Please take a moment to focus on this before
going crazy and covering a bunch of tins that are too big to fit in
one. Another issue we need to focus on is that if we make 5 tins they
all need to fit into a small priority box. Those of you swappers who
like to make one for each participant will not be able to do so this
time as you need to get it to me in a small one and I need to return
to you in the same size box. Now if you want to fill up a larger
priority box and send the correct amount of postage to return the
same size box to you that is an option for you if you want to make
more than five.

As far as the tin you can use it is up
to you just make sure that it (or how many ever you will send in)
will fit into one small priority box.

So now that we have the pesky details
out of the way we need to get inspired. Lets have some links.

Desiree as usual has a great tin tut

e how’s version

I am not sure who put this one up but
it is based on the ehow version. I liked the therapudic benefits part
of the instructions in the tut!

Zuleykha has one too

Squido has a video tut

This is a U Tube video that is almost 9
minutes long

This is not a tin but a wooden box. No
step by step here but some valuable information can be found.

This page is about wooden beads but I
put it here because it has more infomation about wood and its
properties. Wood is a tricky object to cover because of the water
that it can contain, which will lead to problem solving you will not
find when covering glass or metal.

There is always the motherload of
information on this site

Be careful you will get lost there so
make sure to get food and drink before going!

I could go on and on positng links but
I really think these give you the basic foundations needed to cover a
metal or wooden tin. Now I think we need some flickr overload with

I started by enering in my Flickr

polymer clay covered tin       and came
up with this

polymer clay covered wooden box
brought these links

The thing I did notice is that the
wooden boxes were mostly only PARTIALLY covered in clay. I wonder if
that has anythig to do with the unique prperties of wood when
covering with clay.

Polymer clay covered box    and these
pop up most of them you have already seen if you looked at both of
the previous searches.

You now have the fundamentals of
covering a box and some eye candy to hopeully get you inspired all
that is left is to sign up for the Tin Swap! Further informatoin to
follow in the Tin Swap Announcement and the General Swap Rules.

I Hate Sanding

May 17, 2011


This week we had a wonderful occasion on Saturday and my intention was to make a nice jewelry piece to wear to the event. I hate sanding and I really mean I hate it that is why I own tumblers that I use when I have time to. This week there was not enough time to throw the beads in the tumbler so I began sanding.

Of course I had to make sure that I didn’t sand my nails down ( you have done that too right?) but while focusing on not ruining the nails I ended up sanding my hand raw. This is a picture of said hand 4 days later.

My son is holding the picture of it on the day when I sanded it raw hostage on his phone until I beat him at Words With Friends which is a Scrabble game. So until I beat him (Or don’t let him win) this is all you get of my injury.

All in all I ended up with a lovely necklace and bracelet simple, elegant, and I got a lot of compliments on it.

And a shot of just the bracelet close up so you can hopefully see the detail in the cane.

I just love-making something for me!

Next week you can expect the next swap pics to be posted as the donation swap is now closed. Can not wait to see what they vote on for the next swap I am off to post the poll now. They never cease to amaze me with their choices.

Take care and have fun creating try to make something just for you!

Rock Purse Pics Finally

April 15, 2011

The international participants have their rock purses by now hopefully so here are the pictures of the participants. Enjoy!

I am going on vacation to Dallas and will not be posting for a couple of weeks. Stay creative and productive!

Holiday Swap 2010

December 30, 2010

Here are the participants of the Holiday Swap 2010








Luny Side A

Luny Side B









The entries this time as usual are amazing! I just love hosting the swaps and will enjoy even more hanging the ornament on my tree every year and remembering the fun.

Next Swap officialy starts Jan 1 but because of New Years it starts as soon as I can get over to City O Clay and post the results, rules, inspiration etc….

Happy New Year stay safe and creative.



So Sick of Mixing

December 10, 2010

My fingers hurt and I on the browns kind of gave up and did not mix them completely. I am so sick of mixing colors and I am admitting it. I have completed this exercise with the colors I have on hand. Seems like Munroe’s had a rush of Kato and so my order has been delayed a week now and I am moving on. I may come back and revisit this at a later time when I have no idea what to create that is because although wonderful this takes a long time.

I did make a cuff bracelet from the scraps and am happy with the memory of all this mixing that I now have for my own. It is my first project completed with Kato and I am still trying to figure out if I like this stuff or not.  I shall find out though as this week I am hoping to be able to create a pivot bead necklace and find my inspirational colors.

The Holiday Swap mailed out this week and for that I am very thankful. I am always amazed at how creative the participants are, and how every participants entries are so different from the others. I have some wonderful ornaments to hang on my tree. I will post the pictures next Friday as I want to give the swappers time to get their box. I am very thankful for the friends that I have made at City O Clay. If you are looking for a virtual place to hang your artistic hat that is comfortable and about learning not selling I highly recommend you check it out. I would love to become your friend there.

From Polymer to Art

November 20, 2010


From Polymer To Art - RED - Edition 0 - 2010

Copy of the first cover…..

Now what could be better than that! Making the move from Polymer clay to art sounds easy enough I wonder what this can bring to the polymer community?

Check it out for yourself…….

I like the fact that there are color schemes that is cool and sound so appealing in print.

I like the fact that it gives the impression that it will be art which makes me think they will be harder projects or really finished looking at least.

The only thing I can not justify is the cost if I price it right it would cost $40.81. I do not think there is any way I can justify that cost it just seems way to expensive. I mean I could get a few used books for that price. I guess we have to wait for the reviews and if they are good enough then break down and buy.

The next swap items are arriving it is so exciting. The swap is for Christmas ornaments or holiday decoration. I have some wonderful, talented participants this time and am thinking my entry may not be good enough. I know I know us artists are always finding fault in ourselves and what we make but I am going to stick to what I have done and get over the fear.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you celebrate and think of making ornaments for loved ones as I have done it the last few years. (I hope they enjoy them and are not just saying that to keep me quiet)

Beach Swap 2010 Inspiration

June 19, 2010

Since I have been so busy this week I am using my swap inspiration post to the city o clay list as my post this week. If you would like to join the swap you gotta join city o clay first.

Have fun with the inspiration even if you do not join the swap may the summer inspire you and your artistic work!

Beach? What in the heck are you guys trying to do to me?

When thinking of the beach the first thing that comes to mind is sand.
White sand, black sand now just how to incorporate that into a polymer clay piece??
Had an idea of layers of sand with small shells and a mini crab in a pendant with epoxy on them.......
So since no sand links could be found lets try pebbles you always see them on the beach.
No free links there. There are some nice looking beach pebble tutorials but they are for sale and we are not spending money on tutorials, 
and I sure in the heck am not making one so what am I going to give you for inspiration?
There are shells lets find a tutorial for shells.
Now that stinks I can not find a tutorial for shells.

I know polymer clay has hit the beach before because this links says so!

While I am finishing writing this I am going to post on Face book and City O Clay to see if I can get some help.

What the heck how am I going to inspire you??

In my mind I just saw a 3d pendant with a wave gushing down somehow......maybe on some sand. That may be to literal though I mean beach 
can mean so many things.

Hey, I did not see the little link that was for shell beads on that page. Finally a link.

Okay that is at least a link but for me I was picturing a real shell.
Beach ball
Found a crab
but the problem with this is it took a long time to load even on a fast internet connection. So you got a 50/50 shot on that link working 
for you. I have decided no mini crabs for me that would drive me crazy.

No way you could do this for a swap but it is polymer clay and at least beachy....
Sea Goddess Vase 

At this point if you have a link to a tutorial of something beachy I need it.

Since I got nothing on the link end here is your homework. If you are able to go to a beach in the next month you need to. Go and be inspired.
 Take a sketch pad and a couple of pencils with you and you may be amazed at what you sketch.

Just pictured a thong on  bunz of someone bending over. ROFLOL that would be a good piece of jewelry, paperweight, or magnet!

If you cant go to the beach do what I am doing now and look at some pictures of beachy things and see what your mind comes up with.
 Again when doing this you need to have some paper handy and a couple of pencils. I say a couple because if one breaks you have another
 ready so you do not loose what is in your mind.

I found this site that has some wonderful pictures check it out. FINALLY LINKS!
with this link in the search box that is on the left hand side of the page you can enter in whatever beach word you come up with and 
it will search the corresponding flickr photo. Some super photos that are very inspiring.

Google is a great site to get images from

Bing has some images as well

I am sure you all have your favorite photo inspiration site I recommend you go look at some pictures and see what comes out of your
 mind and off your clay table.

I feel like I am letting you swappers down in a way not providing links for tutorials on the items you could make but as I finish 
writing and searching I am realizing more and more that this could be one of the best swaps yet for the participants involved.
No one is guiding you but your muse and if she has not been goosed yet you better get goosing. I cant tell you how to make what is in
 your mind you have to figure that one out. The list will be there when you are trying to work out how in the heck to do this or that 
but you have to figure out what you need to do.
I think this is going to be a great swap.

Regional Pendant Swap

May 21, 2010

A break from Facebook with a look at the participants in the regional pendant swap 2010. All the pieces are so different and wonderful.  Thank you to all who entered and I can not wait to see what the next swap brings sign ups soon!













Facebook Focus Month Cont.

May 14, 2010

Facebook Focus month continues with the way to set up a business page. It is very easy.

From your profile page go to the very bottom and click the advertising link.

This brings up the  Advertising page where you will click the pages button.

When you do that you will click on the create a page button.

Fill in the information. I am in the Artist category, and I am the official representative for my company so I do not the steps you will go through if you are not. Click create official page. And look what happens!

OMG how many clicks was that?? My page is created? Hmmm let me Edit my page.

This is what comes up when you do.

This is where you will add a profile picture and change settings and add the mobile aplications if you want them enabled. You can also set up an e commerce site on Facebook!

I had hoped to have that as the focus for next week but I have found a different site and liked the way the photos looked and the ease of site set up. The ones on Facebook are rather small and for my art I need for the items to be bigger quality pictures. So next week not sure what exactly the focus will be :).

The Regional Pendant swap is going great almost all the packages are here and the photographing is almost complete. I can not wait to show you guys the pictures!

You may remember this swap post…if not it is a real cool read and I am not just saying that. If you have not read it read the update first THEN read the post!

I called her today and she answered the phone. She agreed with me that her comming into the bank was meant to be  so she would come in, sit at my desk, and be freeken motivated!

Even though she just had a major operation she is painting for me, and her friends. She has already given some pieces away and I am so proud of her. Even better she has ideas for the projects she WANTS to do. She thanked me for getting her back to painting and not Quitting! Our swap date is set for about the third week of June and I am so excited I am going to finish her swap flower right now!

How Do You Do It All?

February 25, 2010

This question came up this week on a group I am a member of. How do you do it all?

Remember this IS from the art angle but life creeps in sometimes no matter who you are.

When asked this question on the list there were many different responses. Some replied they had a system that worked well for them most of the time. Most being the operative word, the system in place they admitted did not work all the time. Some  struggled with doing it all and freely admitted that fact. There were also those that had not even started thinking of how to do any of it much less ALL of it.

The one thing that all of the responses had in common was that life often was the thing that distracted or deterred them every time. How do you deal with life I mean who can plan for the illness or loss of a family member, loved one, or close friend. What about the furry friends in our lives? Loosing one of them can some times be worse than a family member ….depends on the family member lol. I digress……

In this economy you also have to factor in your hours being cut, or even loosing your job or the company closing without notice.

How do you do it all?

First you have to decide what is important to you. I asked my 14-year-old to name the 5 most important things in his life,  I wanted a young perspective. After he tried and failed with his best reasons for not answering the question here are his answers:

1. Laughter

2. Happiness

3. Friends

4. Mom not asking me questions like this and forcing me to answer them! (Okay I did get 3 good ones out of him so at this point I was prepared to take anything for number 5).

5. lightbulbs / girls

Number 5 light bulbs was to escape by completing the task. He left the room and then came right back in and requested I cross out lightbulbs and change it to girls. Okay so I got 4 out of him he did great!

My Turn

1. Health

2. Family/ friends

3. Happiness

4. Money (we are getting close to retirement and this is a big concern especially in this economy)

5. To be successful as an artist

Numbers 1,2,and 3 were easy. Number four took a while for me and 5 I am not so sure how much of me is talking and how much of that is me realizing I am doing a blog about art and it should be there somewhere.

Hubby only came up with two. He says health, and happiness are all one needs. I think he didn’t want to answer my questions any more than my son did.

I was surprised at how similar our answers were given the age gap. You have to have friends and happiness!

I urge you to do the same and see what you come up with for your top 5. Then choose what parts of the five directly relate to your art and how you can become better at it. Remember what YOU want to achieve with your art is going to be different from where I am right now. Honestly where my focus is right now can and probably will change in a short time. Most of the changes I will have to deal with are directly related to how technology is affecting us at such a rapid pace, and the sales aspect of it all.

So what are your top 5?

How do you do it all?